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Do you store recipes or shopping lists in Evernote? Grocerytrip will make your life easier! (Winner, Best for Food & Cooking at Devcup 2013)

Matt Miller

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Update: I am happy to announce that Grocerytrip is now available for download on the App Store!





The amount of interest and excitement Grocerytrip has received since being awarded Best for Food And Cooking at Devcup 2013 has been overwhelming. As the launch date approaches, I wanted to offer thanks for the support and answer some common questions I have received from the Evernote Community.


What is Grocerytrip and How Does It Work? 


Grocerytrip is the only iPhone app that turns your Evernote recipes into a neatly organized grocery list.


Grocerytrip is designed to be easy to use - just tag some recipes with "grocerytrip" and launch the app. Recipe ingredients are automatically downloaded, sorted into aisles, and formatted for an easy shopping experience. Grocerytrip also works with other things you have saved in Evernote: meal plans, grocery lists, or anything else you might find on a shopping list.




When will Grocerytrip Be Available on the App Store?  


I've been hard at work overhauling the design of Grocerytrip so it will work and look great on iOS 7. Now, the moment many have been asking about is almost here: I received an email from Apple saying that Grocerytrip's status has been changed to "In Review". So if all goes well, it should be available for download this Wednesday, September 18! :)




How Much Will Grocerytrip Cost?


As a way of saying thanks to all the early supporters in the Evernote Community, Grocerytrip will be launched with the special introductory price of $2.99 (USD). This will be a limited time offer, so sign up for an email alert if you don't want to miss out.




How Can I Learn More About Grocerytrip?


If you would like to learn more about Grocerytrip, please visit my website. There you can find a video demonstrating how to add a week's worth of groceries to your list in under a minute, along with a sneak peak of how Grocerytrip will look on iOS 7.


NOTE: Please feel free to use this post as a place to ask any questions about Grocerytrip, how it works, or to find out if Grocerytrip is the right choice for you. Ask me anything!

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@jbenson2 - You are correct. In fact *more* Android users like cook and eat than iOS users. Unfortunately stay at home dads have to pick one language to program in if they ever hope to become good at it. :)


In all seriousness though, one of the biggest assets of Grocerytrip is the back end that can parse just about any recipe that is thrown at it, which can pretty easily be ported to Android. If the iOS app gets enough traction, I would consider contracting out Android development like Marco Arment did with Instapaper.


First things first, launch iOS app.  :D

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I thought I would pop in this thread and offer up some promo codes. If you have an iPhone and want to give Grocerytrip a spin for free, here they are:


http://tokn.co/35wavwnt (redeemed)

http://tokn.co/dt26tavc (redeemed)

http://tokn.co/sr9f7vdx (redeemed)


Like the corny old sign says: "If you like it tell others, if you don't tell me" (or leave a reply in this thread).


I'll make sure and update you all when the promo codes are all redeemed so you don't waste a click :)


Update: all promo codes have been redeemed!

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