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Did you make sure you synced your notes before closing the application? I use EN on a Mac and PC. I religiously syc before I exit the application. After a while it becomes habit, much like saving a document in excel or word.

A few times I've also had Internet connection issues that stopped my notes from syncing and they were not available on my Iphone or IPad when I needed them.

A lot of times syncing is automated but I find less errors when I confirm it was done before exiting the application.

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Here is a nifty help page to get you updated on syncing EN on your Mac.


You can also verify that the sync worked by checking your smart phone app before leaving your home or office. It took me about a week before I became comfortable about syncing notes and really started trusting the system. That's not a knock on EN. I'm just that way about new applications I use.

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