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(Archived) Display/Screen Redraw issue in (261682) Public

Jack in NC

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I am experiencing a weird, innocuous-but-annoying screen redraw/display issue in


To reproduce:


- Start a new note in any notebook (the behavior has been consistent across notebooks for me).

- Double click the note to pop it out of the full Evernote interface.

- Start typing notes

- When you hit enter to start a new line past the default window size, the frame redraw is skewed.  Subsequent "Enters" increase the redraw issue.

- Scrolling the mouse wheel will make the screwy redraw go away, but hitting enter again starts it anew.


Screenshot attached.


This is on a Dell Latitude E6320 laptop running Windows 7 Professional, SP1, 64-bit.  


The laptop is only 6 weeks old, and mostly contains MS Office 2007 suite and a few 3rd party apps. Most of my work is Office or cloud-based, so, relatively speaking, there is not a lot of software on this machine. I generally have Outlook, MS Lync (2010) and Chrome running, but I haven't taken any steps to isolate whether there is a particular conflict with any specific software running.








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