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(Archived) Collaborating on Dropbox Files through Evernote Notes





My company is looking for ways to integrate evernote better into our projects. We are already pretty heavy dropbox users, and every file we work on together is in the dropbox cloud, as well as synced on all our computers with the dropbox desktop client. I want to be able to create new evernote notes related to specific documents we have on dropbox, say a budget spreadsheet. On the Note, I want all my team members to be able to make comments and lists about what needs to be done on the document. I know that when I drag a file from my desktop dropbox account into Evernote and begin to make changes, they are made within Evernote and no longer Sync in Dropbox. Is there a way to have a Dropbox file linked in an Evernote Note so that I can click and open the dropbox file on my computer, make edits, and still have it sync to dropbox?





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I think you're trying to invent a reason to use Evernote here.  If you have a budget spreadsheet embedded in a note,  it's not the same document that is saved in Dropbox. You can share the budget with your team from Dropbox directly,  and they can make more relevant comment actually in the document and save it back.  Why introduce Evernote?  


There's no way to have Evernote save a copy of an embedded document back into Dropbox.

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