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android client removing spaces from notes

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When you go into edit mode, the Evernote Android client likes to frequently remove spaces from lines, and in more rare occasions make changes to the layout (particularly font color) as well.


Removing spaces most frequently happens right after urls and colons (and a few other punctuation marks as well). The Evernote Android version that this occurs in is the most recent (5.3(1053033-public-com.evernote)). The unintended layout changing is not as bad as it was a while ago so I'm guessing you're aware of the issue and made changes in recent versions, but this particular behavior does remain :)

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Sadly, Mike, Evernote has known about this issue since November of 2011 and made no effort whatsoever to fix it. They've rolled out more than a dozen new features over that period, however. Evernote development has convinced me that they are simply not interested in user feedback or making their product work properly.

Notice that you now have widget flags for their announcements, none of which are in any way relevant to you. Wasn't that a great use of developer time and resources?

Notice also that you posted this on the 9th of September, eleven days ago, and it has been completely ignored. That's par for the course with these guys.

I'm now using Google Drive. I don't like it, and I don't like Google, but at least when I edit a chapter of my books to fix typos, I don't end up with two dozen more.

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What irks me is that I used to be happy with the 'memos' thing that came with exchange accounts on my old Palm devices, but anything on smartphones these days seems to be unable to access those. Before evernote I've tried Gnotes which was alright, but made it somewhat difficult to edit notes on the PC. With Evernote I now have the reverse, where I'm trying very hard not to go into edit mode on my android device as it will mess up my layout, and I've even made an 'android' note that I copy stuff over from when back on the PC, not exactly convenient.


I'm hoping evernote will fix things, but I guess in the mean time I should keep looking for something that works equally well on desktop and phone, if they've known about this for nearly two years...

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I also find Evernote pretty useless as it keeps messing up my layouts.

Unfortunately Google Drive is not as convenient to use for small notes.

I'm disappointed to find this thread that it's been known over 3 years, I guess we have to give up on Evernote and look for alternatives...

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