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(Archived) Sharing Notebooks - Join without editing option

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I've searched the knowledge base and the forum and read all I've been able to find on sharing notebooks and I think I have a basic understanding of how it works.  However since everything I've read has been a bit piecemeal I still have a few gaps in trying to decide the best way to proceed with what I'm trying to accomplish via sharing.  I'm hoping someone here can tell me if I"m on the right track or provide me with the missing info I need to proceed.  FYI - I have a premium account.


In my case sharing notebooks is the means to seed new accounts for other users as the set up new accounts.  I need to share the notebooks so that the end result is they will join the notebook, create a new notebook in their account and copy the notes in the shared notebook to their new notebook. Any edits or deletions occuring only to the notes in their account - not to the notes in my account or anyone else that it was shared with.


When I pull up the share dialog box the broad choices for sharing and being able to join a notebook are view or modify.  I don't think I fully understand which option to choose to accomplish what I want to accomplish via sharing.


If I choose View - do they only see the notes in the web browser or do they have the option to Join and add the notebook to their account, then copy the notes to a notebook they create which then allows me to remove them as a shared person (and of course they still have all the notes)?


Or do I need to choose Modify in order for them Join it and then copy the notes to a notebook they create.  My concern - if Modify is the option I need to choose - there does not seem to be a way to prevent them from accidently or intentionally modify/deleting a note before they copy it to their own notebook and I can remove them from the share list.


One other question - I thought I read but cannot find it now does one need to have the desktop version to share it in the way I described or can it be accomplshed if someone is using just the web and a mobile app?


I'm probably overthinking this but rather than keep twisting it around in my mind I'm hoping someone here can set me on the correct path.  Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.



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View means that they cannot edit notes in the shared notebook. Modify means that they can. In either case, they can copy notes, though that's not possible on at least some of the mobile clients (Android, for one).

I'd just set them up as View, so that they don't need to make copies unless they need to edit.

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...and you only need to be a premium user if you want to allow others to edit your shared notes. Share at notebook level and invite by email address and your users can copy your shared notes into their own notebook.  They could edit them there and share them back to you in another notebook.  Don't forget that before and after every change it's best to sync your notebook to make sure you're using the latest version of the note,  and that you make your changes available to whomever you're sharing with.

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Thanks jefito and gazumped - confirmed what I thought I was reading however I think read so many different threads all the bits and pieces just confused me.  So glad I can provide the seeding for the new members in our group.  The nature of our topic and the items being share are not something that will require additional sharing/editing as each person will be building their own sets but with the initial share they do not have to start at ground zero.  Thanks again for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.

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