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(Archived) Evernote & Trucrypt

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Hi All,


I have been a user of EN Premium since 2011 but have most recently decided to go all in with EN.

One part of the "All In" strategy is how to handle the sensitive information like financials. tax returns etc.

I would like to be able to store them as encrypted files in my EN database but am a bit confused about the details.

I have installed Trucrypt on my Dell laptop. I was able to create a folder, call it "Confidential", and then mount it on a drive, call it"Z".  So far so good.

I can drag documents onto the mounted "Z" drive and it will show them as readable in that drive. It also encrypts the file and copies it into the "Confidential" folder. When I unmount the "Z" drive, the encrypted files are retained in the "Confidential" folder but of course not readable until the folder is remounted on the "Z" drive with Trucrypt. So far so good.


Now I would like to set up an automatic upload to EN when ever I add anything to the "Confidential" folder.

When I set up the Import rule in EN and link it to the Mounted Drive letter, the uploaded notes appear in my EN target note as un-encrypted.

When I set up the import rule in EN and link it to the "Confidential" folder in my folder directory, nothing gets up loaded.

The test case involved dragging a file onto the "Z" drive and see what gets uploaded to EN.


Can someone point me in the right direction here with how to set up EN and Trycryp to do this? TIA.


The goal is to be able to upload encrypted files to EN and of course to be able to download them and read them. Not sure how to do this part yet either.




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Here are a couple websites that might help.


How to Secure Evernote on a Shared Computer

How to Password-Protect Evernote (Updated)



Also keep in mind that Evernote does not support Truecrypt if you run into a problem.

There are some users on this forum that might be able to offer assistance.

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