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NimbleBox: Evernote Quick Note for Windows!


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Dear forum,


I have developed a small application for windows that helps you to quickly take notes in Windows. The idea is similar to the "Evernote Qiuck Note for OS X" but with more features:

  • Right-to-left,
  • Markdown,
  • Evernote Reminder,
  • Inline Tags and Notebook assignment,
  • and ...

It is fast, easy to use and powerful. Take a look: NimbleBox. Hope you like it.



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A nice quick way to add notes :)

Even without the EN integration, just notes that I am going to delete in a couple of minutes, this is very useful.

Also useful when working with multiple accounts.

Only issue so far, is with line breaks:

It seems that linebreaks do not get sent through to the note.

In nimblebox:





What ends up in Evernote

test test


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