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(Archived) Renamed my Default Folder-New Feature?

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(I marked this as Other because the change happened on all my versions of Evernote, although I discovered it on Windows Desktop originally)


I opened Evernote this morning (via Windows Desktop) and did my normal "go to the notebook list & find my inbox". My default folder was named Inbox, if it makes a difference. I couldn't find it. Finally, after looking for the special tag that Evernote gives for the default folder, I found it was named @Inbox.


It's not a problem, exactly. It doesn't bother me that it was renamed nor that the renaming moved it to the top of my notebook list (makes it easier to find now) but I'm wondering if that is something Evernote itself did to help me or if I should be worried that someone has access to my Evernote account? I've not shared the password or anything, but I did recently start using the Web version more and "pinned" it in Chrome. Nobody else uses my user information on my laptop either, so if it wasn't changed by Evernote, it was changed somehow online, which is my worry.


So, normal Evernote thing or should I be worried?

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Not a normal Evernote thing (AFAIK) but I didn't call my default notebook 'inbox' (or '@inbox').  Did you give any apps access to your Evernote account?  The renaming sounds like something a smart app would do in process of reorganising your life..  It seems most unlikely a hacker or a casual trespasser would do anything so mild as to rename a notebook by one character,  so I think your data is safe.  The only puzzle is what caused the rename - a key-slip when you were using Evernote,  or a berserk app...

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