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(Archived) Can I print from my evernote app with HP ePrint?

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I know ePrint as an iPhone app which let's you print on shared HP printers which do not support AirPrint.




The Evernote app doesn't directly "know" the ePrint app. The application icons that are visible in "share" screens are being determined by the operating system. If ePrint told the operating system that it can handle particular file types, it should show up. That said, there are essentially two ways to print Evernote contents via ePrint:


1) You'd like to print an attached file only:


Open the attachment (e.g. a PDF) in Evernote, tap the "share" button, scroll sideways (not always necessary) until you see the ePrint icon, tap it and print from ePrint. If the HP ePrint icon doesn't show up for the attached file which you want to print, then its file type is not supported by HP ePrint. In this case, you need to contact HP and ask them to support this file type. On my system, ePrint seems to support PDF, Excel, pictures etc.


2) You'd like to print text contents, too (works also for attachments):


Open HP ePrint, select "Cloud", then "Evernote" and log in to Evernote. You can then browse your Evernote notebooks from within HP ePrint and print textual note contents as well as attachments.


Please let us know how it goes!

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