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Is there a way of organising notes in Skitch?


I have a premium Evernote account with a folder names Skitch and initially all my skitch documents are synched in there. Later I may move the document to a more relevant folder in Evernote but the problem (for me) is that within Skitch all my files remain in one big place. Ideally what I would like to do is mark up my document in Skitch and have it synced with my Skitch folder in Evernote. Move that marked-up document to a more relevant folder in Evernote and then delete it in Skitch without the document deleting in Evernote, leaving my Skitch window nice and clear.  Failing that, have folders in Skitch so that I can organise my documents there so that they are not all in one big place.


The Skitch notes I have get used for about six months and then aren't required although I still need them for occasional reference. Having all my notes in Skitch in one big window seems cluttered to me.


I tend to use Skitch to read my Skitch notes rather than Evernote, I suppose one solution would be to use Evernote to read them and ignore Skitch apart from during the marking up process.  


I would be grateful for any thoughts or feedback.



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Did you ever get anywhere with resolving this issue? I ask because I have exactly the same query and after a few months of using Skitch the pane with all the notes in it will just be a real mess. I only worked out by doing a test that if I delete the notes in the ""Skitch Notes in Evernote" pane that they would disappear from the notes in Evernote so I'm glad I did a trial, I must confess I just thought the thumbnails in that pane were just temporary files!


It would be easy to end up literally with THOUSANDS of images in the Skitch window, surely there has to be a way to organise or selectively cull them whilst leaving the Evernote data intact?


Anyone? Experts out there? Please?  :)



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Hmm... that's very disappointing. I find it amazing that others don't find this a PITA. I've decided to just switch off the automatic sync which puts the Skitch notes into Evernote and do it manually, produce the required JPEG or PNG with Skitch and then just ditch the Skitch note rather than have an ever-increasing page of things I don't want to look at.


Shame because there simply has to be a better way.



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Hey all, I missed this one in the past. Skitch Mac and Evernote Mac (well any Evernote product) all utilize the same sync service. Once an Evernote product is made aware of a Note (ex: Created in Skitch Mac and saved/synced to Evernote) then that Note is considered part of your larger Evernote library. That same Note is presented everywhere, so deleting it in one place will delete it everywhere. While Skitch Mac saves by default to the Skitch Notebook it is aware of any Note that was created by Skitch inside your Evernote account (unless something gets broken in the Note that causes it to not be seen by Skitch), so if you move it around between folders, then Skitch Mac will still see it and again if you delete/change it that change be reflected in that Note.


If this is an issue for you then you can try one of the following:

  • Drag the marked up image/PDF out of the Skitch Note to a new Evernote Note and then delete the Skitch Note. Skitch won't see the Note anymore, and it won't show in your Skitch library.
  • If the image or PDF originates in Evernote, then you can simply use Evernote to Markup the image and these marked up images won't show up in the Skitch library. The great thing about this method is the images will be rich in nature and you can chose to mark them up again in Skitch or Evernote.
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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply. I guess quite simply we all wish there was a way of organising files in Skitch rather than have to have them in one big cluttered window.


I really like Skitch and find it really useful as a mature student. I can create study notes really quickly and the index of annotations that appears in Evernote is fantastic and very important to me as a quick reference and revision tool.


While the mark-up options are good in Evernote, practical and workman like, the user experience in Skitch is much better and it produces the all important index of annotations in EN which EN on its own doesn't.


Thank you for a really great product, for me the one thing that would make it perfect would be to have a way of organising files.


Kind regards,


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