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  1. Hi I've just developed problem which i can't get to the bottom of. I'm pasting plain text into an Evernote note, all hard line breaks etc. have been removed, the content is pure simple plain text, about two pages and a number of paragraphs. The text pastes in just fine and in the note everything wraps properly and looks exactly as it should, all good so far. However, if I share that note online so that some folks can read it the words at some of the line ends are are split so that say the word "sausage" might have the letters "sau" at the end of a line and then the letters "sage" would
  2. @Wordsgood - I agree entirely, a simple solution is for people to use a diary if recurring reminders are that important. I use Evernote for practically everything but for some things such as managing future appointments etc. etc. a diary is the perfect tool.
  3. Hmm... now I do feel an idiot, even more so than usual :-) Thanks very much for the pointers, appreciated. All good now :-)
  4. Hi I'm using EN 5.4.4 on my iMac and try as I might I have so far failed miserably to find where the total note count is displayed as one single, clear number. I'd have expected it to be to the right of the "Notes" icon on the LH pane but it's not there and I just can't find it for the life of me. I've trawled the forums and Google to no avail, other than a posting saying that in EN 5 the missing total note count had returned, but I'm damned if I can find it! Can anyone point me in the direction of the magic number please, it appears on the iOS version just fine. Thanks, Q
  5. It can't do any harm to add another vote for the recurring reminder feature. Ideally from my point of view it would be something along the lines of being able to set a single reminder for a single date as now plus the option to set a daily, weekly or annual reminder. For me at least that would be plenty and if I need to remind myself any more than that about something then I really ought to start looking at the task and doing something about it rather than just setting reminders and changing them
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