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  1. Hi I've just developed problem which i can't get to the bottom of. I'm pasting plain text into an Evernote note, all hard line breaks etc. have been removed, the content is pure simple plain text, about two pages and a number of paragraphs. The text pastes in just fine and in the note everything wraps properly and looks exactly as it should, all good so far. However, if I share that note online so that some folks can read it the words at some of the line ends are are split so that say the word "sausage" might have the letters "sau" at the end of a line and then the letters "sage" would be on the next line. This makes it very difficult to read and it looks just terrible, how do I stop this happening? I've never seen this behaviour before. My OS and version of Evernote are both up to date. Thanks, Q
  2. Hi I'm using the Mac desktop version of Evernote (6.1), Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I used to be able to get an internal link by selecting the "Copy Note Link" from the menu and I could paste this into another note to link the two together. When I try to do this now I get a VERY long https://www.evernote.....link when I paste into another note which is not what I want. I have read a number of forums and have tried pressing the alt key when going to get the note link and this brings up the option to copy a classic note link which I thought would solve my problem. I duly selected this option but still when I copy the classic note link and paste that into another note I still get a long link which begins: evernote:///view/21474...... This is still not what I want and it is very untidy, I used to get a link which simply gave the title of the note and that is what I would like to continue to do. How do I resolve this problem, it's a huge retrograde step. I've read all the four posts on this that I can find and they all seem to suggest that the "Copy Classic Note Link" is the solution but for me at least it isn't. Many thanks.
  3. Well, I've tried this every way that's been suggested and I am now completely unable to get the old Internal-to-Evernote links that i used all the time, only a web link which is useless to me for much of the time. OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite, Evernote 6.1 :-( The option to copy the classic note link appears just fine but when I have copied it and then paste it within Evernote it's just a web link no matter what I do.
  4. @Wordsgood - I agree entirely, a simple solution is for people to use a diary if recurring reminders are that important. I use Evernote for practically everything but for some things such as managing future appointments etc. etc. a diary is the perfect tool.
  5. Well, I've raised a support ticket and we shall see what happens. TBH I'm less worried about the monthly allowance than I am about the slow but sure guzzling of my device storage if I were to switch to using the iOS application Post-It scanning feature. I'll report back when I hear something. Q
  6. Hi The large file size per note in practical terms means that if one were to buy one of the Evernote Post-It holders with a block of the four colours in it one would be buying 4x90 = 360 individual Post-Its. On the assumption that if one is going to use these special Post-Its, which are more expensive than standard Post-Its, one is going to "scan" them in storage terms this single holder of Post-Its will convert to 190MB of device storage being consumed, which is significant for what I feel is a very small data volume. To scan the same number of Post-Its using say a ScanSnap scanner would create 360 files with a total storage consumption of <11MB. Q
  7. Hi Taking a photo of the Post-It with the device camera without using the Evernote iOS application results in a file size which is approximately double the size when taken using the camera via the Evernote application so no gains there but worth a shot so thanks for the thought! So far in space terms the best option appears to be to scan the Post-Its using a ScanSnap scanner or the like which is fine if you have one available to you where you happen to be! It's a shame the file sizes are so large using the iOS application as, for me at least, this is just wasting device space I can make better use of. Might try the support ticket route. Q
  8. Hi I've just started tinkering with snapping photos of Post-It notes using an iPad. I'm just using standard white Post-It notes and writing on the note with a black pen. An average Post-It note as I plan to use them will contain about 30-50 words. What I can't understand is why the Post-Its, when they appear in Evernote actually occupy about 0.5MB (500 kilobytes) per 9cmx9cm sheet which sounds like a lot of storage for such a small amount of information. I'm a bit reluctant to go down this route and burn through a great load of storage when the equivalent information typed directly into a note would only be around 700 bytes. Just looks to me as if I am using approximately 10x the storage for the same information? The other problem when using a mobile device, here anyway, comes if you snap say 6 Post-Its this can cause quite a problem to upload the resulting 3MB file over the mobile network. If I scan a single Post-It with my scanner it comes out with a file size of 29 kilobytes but if I want the OCR function in Evernote to work it has to be scanned to a JPEG file so only one Post-It can be scanned per note. Any advice would be much appreciated as this seems to be an excellent feature but very memory and bandwidth hungry, unless I'm doing something wrong. Thanks, Q
  9. Thanks ScottLougheed, that's what I was doing but I was sure there must be a better way but obviously not. At least I now know I'm doing the best I can with the iPad version so I'll probably ignore it and check the email alert! Q
  10. Hi I'm sure I'm doing something stupid here but I just can't spot what I'm missing. Using EN on an iPad, when a reminder comes up the EN icon on the home screen of the iPad has a red alert flag on it to show that something or several things has become due. Is there somewhere within the application itself when I open it that shows me what these alerts actually are? I've looked everywhere I can think of but can't find a readily available listing of what these alerts are, I end up looking at them in my email which just seems a bit inefficient. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Q
  11. Hmm... now I do feel an idiot, even more so than usual :-) Thanks very much for the pointers, appreciated. All good now :-)
  12. Hi I'm using EN 5.4.4 on my iMac and try as I might I have so far failed miserably to find where the total note count is displayed as one single, clear number. I'd have expected it to be to the right of the "Notes" icon on the LH pane but it's not there and I just can't find it for the life of me. I've trawled the forums and Google to no avail, other than a posting saying that in EN 5 the missing total note count had returned, but I'm damned if I can find it! Can anyone point me in the direction of the magic number please, it appears on the iOS version just fine. Thanks, Q
  13. It can't do any harm to add another vote for the recurring reminder feature. Ideally from my point of view it would be something along the lines of being able to set a single reminder for a single date as now plus the option to set a daily, weekly or annual reminder. For me at least that would be plenty and if I need to remind myself any more than that about something then I really ought to start looking at the task and doing something about it rather than just setting reminders and changing them
  14. Hi Hmm... that's very disappointing. I find it amazing that others don't find this a PITA. I've decided to just switch off the automatic sync which puts the Skitch notes into Evernote and do it manually, produce the required JPEG or PNG with Skitch and then just ditch the Skitch note rather than have an ever-increasing page of things I don't want to look at. Shame because there simply has to be a better way. Q
  15. Hi Did you ever get anywhere with resolving this issue? I ask because I have exactly the same query and after a few months of using Skitch the pane with all the notes in it will just be a real mess. I only worked out by doing a test that if I delete the notes in the ""Skitch Notes in Evernote" pane that they would disappear from the notes in Evernote so I'm glad I did a trial, I must confess I just thought the thumbnails in that pane were just temporary files! It would be easy to end up literally with THOUSANDS of images in the Skitch window, surely there has to be a way to organise or selectively cull them whilst leaving the Evernote data intact? Anyone? Experts out there? Please? Q
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