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  1. This is a genuine question. I'm very unhappy about the way Evernote is going downhill and I'm a long time user with loads of notes. You look to have some technical knowledge and no loyalty to Evernote, can you advise a user (me) what in your opinion would be the best alternative to go for in moving from Evernote, I want to be able to import a .enex file of all my notes. Something like Notion any use? Thanks.
  2. You misjudge me but I can live with that. I would of course find out myself if I was in the "fortunate" position of it having been made available to me to run on my Mac but it has not. Which is why I asked. And yes, I did check if a download was available.
  3. Does anyone know if it will load properly, quickly, consistently and reliably? Can more than 50 notes be selected and can it be backed up easily and reliably? If all these are not present it's just a facelift. or maybe a lip job.
  4. I feel your pain and I couldn't agree more.
  5. I think TBH my course of action is pretty much decided. I'm now off iOS and just on my iMac. I'm going to just observe for maybe 3 months and see if Evernote get their act together and see if they come up something which satisfies me and many other users, something that at least delivers the same performance as what they replaced. If things aren't moving in a far better direction I'm going to be reluctantly concluding that Evernote has had it's day and is in terminal decline and take the pain and maybe more to something like Notion which at least seems to be on the way up rather than on the way down. Notion is also half the price and their free version is also probably adequate for many users. Evernote, in all honesty, has for some time now been on the way down, weighed down by bloatware and really going nowhere fast.
  6. I'm glad it's working out for you. Maybe having 20% of the notes and newer hardware Makes a difference. However when performance on Legacy = Ok and performance on v10 = ***** when on the same machine and the same database there is something badly wrong, as I think many of the comments illustrate!
  7. High Sierra, 10.13.6 27" 2.8Ghz Intel i5, 16Gb RAM. Not a spanking new machine but Evernote should run on it and they haven't said it won't, everything else does! Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn't but v10 always slow even when it does load. It was absolutely fine before the update. Legacy seems Ok, it's this new junk that's the problem.
  8. Just trying to load Evernote on my iMac now, just won't load, utter rubbish.
  9. With quite a large number of notes, a bit under 10,000, I've found using Evernote on iOS to be so slow and useless that I've completely abandoned even trying now and I have removed it from my iPhone and iPad completely. Used to work really well but now just useless so I've lost the "portability" of my information that I used to have entirely. I'm now just running Evernote on an iMac and occasionally using the web so I've taken several huge leaps backwards from where I used to be. As far as I'm concerned if it's not quick and reliable it's useless, it then becomes a toy and a nuisance rather than a reliable tool. I'm hoping things get better but I'm not seeing any sign of them doing so, at the moment I'm just holding station but I've lost a lot of the value of Evernote that I'm paying for. Sad to me that we never seem to see any hard information from the developers about what's happening, unless I've missed something.
  10. Devonthink is not something I've looked at, I might check it out, thanks.
  11. That is my impression also, I'm glad it isn't just me!
  12. Which services can import ENEX files directly and still retain the "structure" from Evernote tags? What I'm looking for is a truly workable alternative system that allows ENEX files to be directly imported which does not then need a ton of work to get things into some kind of order. I understand the ability to export as HTML but that's not really a good end point in terms of an electronic filing system. I'm just trying to establish whether there really is a decent alternative to Evernote, which will quickly and easily digest ENEX files, my current belief is that there isn't.
  13. I know what you mean about being able to get your notes out of Evernote by exporting ALL notes to a single ENEX file, I do that as a backup. My question is what do you currently think is the best thing to actually do WITH that ENEX file in terms of other services? Just picking your brains! Thanks.
  14. Well, I decided to follow your suggestion and this was the result. Added tag "Legacy" to all notes in Legacy, 9417 notes tagged. Ran Sync, searched for tag "Legacy" on Web and all 9417 were tagged, all good so far. Ran Evernote v10 and allowed to sync, Evernote v10 is saying there are 9423 notes if you recall. After sync searched for notes tagged Legacy, 9417 returned, good. Searched for all notes WITHOUT the tag "Legacy" expecting to see the six "strays" and guess what, ZERO. So v10 says there are 9423 notes, it says 9417 have the tag "Legacy" AND it says there are ZERO notes WITHOUT the tag "Legacy". How crazy is that? I used the syntax you suggested for the search, ie. -tag:Legacy
  15. Thanks for the input but yes, all empty.
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