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(Archived) How to stop Evernote from underlining numbers in blue


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Just in a quick test, I find that Evernote will underline numbers in blue if they look like they could be phone numbers, basically any series of 9 or more digits, with or without () or -. Shorter sequences of digits will not be displayed this way, but longer ones will, up to at least 22 digits.


So if you've got a long string of numbers it's going to get highlighted like this, and if you tap on it it'll go into your phone app as a number to dial. I can see how this can be handy for some users, but it would be nice to be able to turn it off.



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If it's a problem please raise a support ticket to inform Evernote.  See my sig below, This is a user forum,  so your comment will have been noted, but not necessarily by the right people,,,

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