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(Archived) Color laser mfp device

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I was considering a snapscan for going paperless at home. The missus wants one device rather than 2 (scanner and printer). So we are looking for a color laser printer, copier and scanner (mfp). Is there a recommendation on a scanner that fulfills the scanscan functionality and features but also is a color printer and copier?

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Hi.  If you're talking about the ScanSnap range of scanners,  they feed two-sided paper very quickly and can convert filing cabinets' worth of paper into a small hard drive.  Scanner + printers tend to be flat bed devices that have a lid you open and close on the sheet to be scanned.  They're much slower (and bigger) and you'll need a lot of patience (and arm exercise) to convert much paper.  There aren't any I'm aware of that cross that functionality gap.  I think you have to decide which area your scanning falls into and buy one or the other.  Or maybe both?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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