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  1. I have just bought a Brother MFC J4710 DW scanner, printer and fax machine. I installed the brother control center and setup the MFC device. However, I cannot yet seem to get a workflow in place either on Mac or PC for making searchable PDFs. What I would like to do is: Scan to PDF Have Scans put into specific folder on NAS Server Make all PDFs searchable Have PDFs auto added to Evernote after they are already made searchable Does anyone have a good workflow and tool set suggestions to let me do this?
  2. I am considering something like Color imageCLASS MF8380Cdw I am not sure if this has the same Evernote integration level as the Scansnap or if I need to do a different workflow. Is there any feedback on that MFP?
  3. I was considering a snapscan for going paperless at home. The missus wants one device rather than 2 (scanner and printer). So we are looking for a color laser printer, copier and scanner (mfp). Is there a recommendation on a scanner that fulfills the scanscan functionality and features but also is a color printer and copier?
  4. Thank you Grumpy Monkey What would you suggest regarding best organization for scanned documents in evernote? I am planning to have insurance policy documents, mortgage document, car title, health insurance and life insurance stuff, all the stuff that I have in paper and never really need. Since I am unorganized these things are inproperly sorted into various boxes, file folders and can never be found when needed. So digitally I want to avoid having disorganzation like I do in my paper life
  5. Hi All I am going to buy a scansnap ix500. My plan is to become paperless and archive all important docs. I have been reading that if I use Scansnap to create PDF files with OCR then Evernote will not ocr the documents, but will use the ocr embedded into the pdf, correct? Is there a sample workflow and set of tools that you would recommend for my ideal scenario: 1. I want to scan stuff from iMac using Scansnap ix500 and have it automatically added to my default inbox in Evernote (have premium account). 2. In parallel, I wanted to have the PDF added to a document management system and a copy of the PDF stored on my NAS server QUESTIONS: Is there a benefit to keeping a copy of the PDF on my NAS? Is it better to use Scansnap software to OCR or let Evernote OCR it? Is there any benefit to having paperport or other DMS or can evernote do it all?
  6. I have been using OmniFocus and Organize from taskfabric for my gtd software. I was mostly happy with those apps from a standalone perspective. They look good and have functionality to help me focus on what must be done each day. However, my company uses lotus notes and like most guys, I get over 100 mails a day and try to lead a large team, manage a huge cost center and actually do work. The lack of ability to make my mail into a relevant action, was a consideration for change and since 2 days I started using ever ore for GTD. so far I am missing only a couple things that are really hurting and need your advice on how you all manage: 1. Due date: how do you know when something is due for tasks you have or those you delegate? 2. Task completed: how do you have the weekly 1:1 with your boss and update him/her on actions completed and actions due next week?
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