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(Archived) Solution for Printing Notes?



I use Evernote to create notes for my classes. All of my classes have 100% finals that allow any students to use any books/notes. The key is preparing concise, organized notes that allow for quick access to the information you're looking for. 

I have had trouble using Evernote to convert my class notes into printable notes however. There is no print utility that allows me to see where a page break might be in printing, and so I have resorted to the painful process of adding blank space and checking the print preview regularly to ensure that I have no hanging bullet points and that one topic fits neatly onto one page (see attachements). 

Does anyone know of a solution for printing tidy and organized notes? I have tried copying and pasting my notes into MS Word, but the bullets/headings/etc do not transfer well and it ends up taking more time to fix it all.

To developers: If Evernote could implement a simple printing option that gives visible page breaks (and maybe page numbers) it would be greatly, greatly appreciated. 




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As you already worked out,  the only way to format notes for printing is to use a document of some sort - you could attach a PDF file forinstance which would display and print exactly the same.  But you can't edit PDFs easily and you can't print a series of note PDFs together. Attachments must be printed one at a time.  There's certainly a big education market out there if anyone wants to look at creating an app to help out...

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Hm.. I may have to re-think how I take my notes. Maybe break them into smaller topics, so they are easier to edit into printable pages. Then again it might be simpler to just use a word processor designed for printing big files.

Is anyone aware of a word processor or app that would allow a relatively clean copy-paste from Evernote? 

Maybe some kind of printing/MS Publisher-type app would make a good addition to the Evernote family...

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