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(Archived) Navigation issues


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I often find myself going through all notes and assigning notes there to other notebooks.  Once in a while, though, I want to jump to the notebook I just assigned that note to without having to scroll through the left panel looking for it.  


Other times, when I am looking in the default notebook or some other normal notebook, I want to move a particular note to a new notebook and jump there to associate or combine it with notes I know exist there.    Again, I have to scroll through the left panel, looking for it.


The left panel really needs a collapse all and uncollapse all set of controls.  I'm sure plenty of others have wished we had a true hierarchy with evernote instead of just stacks and notebooks above notes  Equally obvious, many people have adjusted to having only two levels of organization for their notes, but even then the behavior of the left panel means that you have to manually drill down or up so that quite often my left panel will have several stacks open and the lists of notes insure that it won't fit on the screen and will need to be scrolled.  


Tags are almost another hierarchy level, and nicely cutting across the other levels.  However, The only display of tags is a long list.  Why not be able to right click on a stack or notebook and list the tags found there?


The shortcut panel is nice, but there doesn't appear to be any way to remove shortcuts.


I selected windows as the category, but of course what I really want is this kind of navigation infrastructure on all platforms, 

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Where to start...

  • You could group Notebooks or Tags in 'stacks' to keep them close at hand - "work" and "home" and "car" forinstance come to mind. 
  • You can add tags through various windows all of which will suggest options once you type the first few characters,  so "W_" could preface all you work tags... "W_P" all your projects... etc.
  • You can move notes to new notebooks by right-click and "move" without having the left panel open
  • You can use fewer notebooks and (maybe) more tags
  • -and this (with some variations) applies to all platforms now.

I actually agree with you that the tag management system needs an upgrade,  but there's lots more in need of TLC - not to mention upgrades to the reminder system in the pipeline.  Don't know how many are currently in the Windows team,  but I'd imagine they're not bored yet.  Meantime there are workarounds.


Every one say this with me..  "Evernote don't advertise their road map or delivery plans" - but we can hope...

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