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(Archived) Editing Tags

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I would like to change some tags to be under the same tag, but I keep getting the message that there is already a tag with this name.

I'm not sure if there's a question here or not. Tags are global. So it's true that you cannot have multiple tags with the same name. You cannot have a tag called "work" under another tag called "work".

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I can't change a tag to another tag?


Is there a way to change numerous notes' tags at once ?


I don't know what you mean about changing a tag to another tag.  You can rename a tag but you cannot rename it to the same name as an existing tag.  If you have tags work1 & work2 and you want to change the ones tagged with work2 to be work1, you need to do a search on the tag work2, select all the notes & then add the tag work1 to them.


What client are you using?  On the Windows and the web clients, you can select multiple notes & either add or remove tags to the selected notes in the window that pops up.

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