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(Archived) Multiple copies of a note being created

Jim Finn

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I've noticed a few times that when I take a photo with the Evernote on the android It takes ages to sync and creates multiple copies of the note (In one instance I had 45 notes each with the same image). I'm a Premiem user and this is annoying as I often write down points during phone conversations and then snap the finished notes for my future records.


On the App the note(s) are showing the circular arrow icon showing syncing taking place with all the multiple copies underneath. As soon as I delete the 3 original notes in the app sync completes correctly in seconds. The issue seems to revolve around the images taken by the app.



Galaxy Note running SlimBean 4.2.2

Evernote App - Ver 5.2.2

Using the Photo button from the App itself.

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Thanks for the reply. 


This problem has happened before I updated my phone. When I updated it i did a full wipe and clear before installing the new version and this was only last week. 


I'll try this suggestion and get back. I'm thinking that it may have something to do with the size of the image and the uploading being interrupted during the sync process.



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