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  1. Found that setting Thanks. However it comes across as very unweildly with a lot of extra steps and I am struggling to see the advantage of using this add on over the web clipper or just forwarding to the evernote email.
  2. Just tried using it and if there is a conversation chain it ignores every email in the conversation except for the very last one. The clipper is more useful in this regard. If possible there should be an option in a chain to choose which emails to save
  3. Not sure. The authy code was in the middle of the 30 second countdown or so. Not trusting the text message though. Waiting official word on the issue but not holding my breath.
  4. I can confirm that it was a different code to the one displayed in my Authy app. The code from authy worked perfectly. Did not try the texted code.
  5. I've started seeing the same thing a day or so ago and when I also go to my settings only Google Authentication app is selected. Receiving by text is not active but I am getting codes by text anyway. This is something that needs to be looked at immediately but more importantly notice needs to issue if there is a problem and when it will be fixed.
  6. That we can agree on ? And the superior Web clipping.
  7. Are you sure Evernote is the best product for you to use? As a paperless based note and information storage system yes. I not only use it for web clippings, I also use it to store receipts and other important documentation in pdf format (both Synced and Local for more personal documentation such as bank statements etc.) Is there an alternative you might suggest as I have tried many of them and stay with Evernote. I currently have 60 Notebooks and over 5000 notes across a wide range of categories. One example of a use is I recently had to make an insurance claim against a builder that caused damage in mu home. I had copies of every document and email exchanged with builder as well as notes on every phone call and was able to share all this information with my insurance company who were able to successfully recover most of the costs from the builders insurance. I also use it to keep track of both my progress in teaching topics as well as students progress via an attached Excel spreadsheet. When I had a subject inspection a few years ago I was able to share this notebook with the inspection team as my class records.
  8. I liken it to Drawers in a Filing cabinet with the Notebooks sub-dividers in this drawer which were around long before DOS and Windows and this suits me better. I did experiment with Tagging as an alternative and while it has it's uses I found it cumbersome particularly when it came time to share to share notes with a third party. Tagging becomes useless at this point. Evernote sells itself as a second/external brain and it is important that we as individual learn what works for us. I know that Evernote are proponents of tagging. Well if that is the case then allow tagged notes to be shared by tags. Otherwise you have to go down the Notebook route at least partially. I agree with you about software limitations and workflow but I have tried other applications and none of them match Evernote features. It has its "quirks" and we have to learn to work around them. As a teacher I show my student multiple ways of working out things as what works for me will not work for everyone. I tell them there are 4 ways of doing anything, The right way, the wrong way, my way and your way and if 3 of those produce the same result they are the right way. I would encourage everyone to take the time to try new ways of working and organising but don't fall into the trap that there is only one way that works. I regularly see proponents of Dave Allens Method, structuring Evernote as a productivity tool. Tried it and hated it. I see Evernote as a storage and Reference hub in my workflow not a productivity tool per-say and Notebooks suit this better IMO.
  9. You may have accidentally dragged one over the other which automatically created a stack. Right click on the notebook and choose remove from stack to return it to the main list and then assuming the stack is empty and does not automatically vanish you can right click on the stack to delete. Just make sure the stack is empty before you delete it in case it delete the notebook as well.
  10. Just a quick Query. I know that there is a 250 Notebook limit in Evernote but I am wondering does this limit only apply to Synced Notebooks and are local Notebooks in the Windows client exempt from this. I know that Evernote and many of the blogs really push the Tagging option but I find it does not work for me and prefer Notebooks as a primary organising structure with tags as a secondary consideration.
  11. I use Enscript to create weekly backups of my Notebooks (Paranoid about Data loss) and in the beta while enscript will run it does not create the enex file of the notebook. When I go back to the current version it works perfectly.
  12. Hiya Barrington. What you have there is in Evernote as well. The notebooks are your stacks. The sections are your individual notebooks and the pages are your individual notes. I have played with one note off and on over the years and have always found it not quite right for me. I also find that the web clipper in chrome is vastly superior for Evernote and this and the fact that I have over 2500 notes now keeps me here rather than moving. I still experiment with the alternatives from time to time and as soon as I find something better I would move no problem.
  13. One way you could do it is as follows. Semister 1 as the notebook Stack. Lecturer 1 etc as notebooks (Alternatively you could use the module title as the notebook title (CSS101 - Intro to CSS) Use Note Titles, tags and Created Date to organise them in each notebook. e.g. (Title - Lecture 1 - intro to CSS, Lecture 1 - Research) Created Date as the date of the Lecture. I've been using Evernote for a few years and I have reorganised the structure of my notes a few times over the years as my use evolves. (I have 1500 notes and 60 notebooks over 8 Stacks at the moment but this is constantly growing and evolving as I add new projects and uses). Don't be afraid to change the layout as you figure out what works best for your needs
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