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(Archived) Note deleted on Windows client while I was working on it

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I have a notebook called "Work."  Within it, I have 82 notes. I record outages, to do lists, and I have a general note for each year.    So there's a note called "2013".   I have that note open all day every day, and type in it all day.


I was using it this morning. It was up to date.  I was typing in it.  I went to lunch; when I came back, Evernote seems to have closed. The "2013" note was gone.    It's very odd.  There are a few versions of this note in the "Conflicting changes" notebook, but they are from July .


1.  The note is not on the website, either

2.  I'm running Evernote (268868) Public

3.  I called my wife at home. She disconnected my home PC, then checked Evernote. The note, from last night without today's updates - is there.

4.  the last log entry I see for this note is:

12:01:15 [7892] 100% Updating server note "2013", resource count: 5

5.  After that, I see several "session was terminated normally" notes

6.  Also a couple of entries like this:

13:01:19 [7892] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=30532

7. .  I noticed the note was gone somewhere around 1pm


Very odd. It didn't get transferred to a different notebook. When I look at "all notes" it's not there.  Naturally, I haven't backed up to local file in a couple of weeks.  I also don't see a "Trash" folder though I thought I remembered having a trash folder at some time in the past.


Any ideas?

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Strange.  Best advice has got to be "raise a support ticket" - the team may be able to get more from their logs than you will from trying to analyse your own.  Also - stable-door suggestion - it might be best to keep your working day note in a cloud drive folder like DropBox or GDrive and IFTTT it,  or otherwise arrange for regular backups to Evernote.  Not sure whether they offer any better security,  or any better chance of finding a recent version in the event of a loss;  but Evernote Web (which I'm gathering you were using) isn't "saved" anywhere but in your browser cache for big chunks of time;  at least the others save your input in close to real time.

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