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  1. I have a notebook called "Work." Within it, I have 82 notes. I record outages, to do lists, and I have a general note for each year. So there's a note called "2013". I have that note open all day every day, and type in it all day. I was using it this morning. It was up to date. I was typing in it. I went to lunch; when I came back, Evernote seems to have closed. The "2013" note was gone. It's very odd. There are a few versions of this note in the "Conflicting changes" notebook, but they are from July . 1. The note is not on the website, either 2. I'm running Evernote (268868) Public 3. I called my wife at home. She disconnected my home PC, then checked Evernote. The note, from last night without today's updates - is there. 4. the last log entry I see for this note is: 12:01:15 [7892] 100% Updating server note "2013", resource count: 5 5. After that, I see several "session was terminated normally" notes 6. Also a couple of entries like this: 13:01:19 [7892] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=30532 7. . I noticed the note was gone somewhere around 1pm Very odd. It didn't get transferred to a different notebook. When I look at "all notes" it's not there. Naturally, I haven't backed up to local file in a couple of weeks. I also don't see a "Trash" folder though I thought I remembered having a trash folder at some time in the past. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you! I've been looking for a solution to this for a while.
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