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REQUEST: Let me multi-select images to drag them to another app



There are times when I take multiple screenshots in a row and I need to move them to another place after I'm done. One example of this may be dragging multiple images into Google Drive because I have a group project repository in Drive. 


Today, I have to open each image in Skitch resize the window (if it's large) in order to see the "Drag Me" action area, drag it over to Drive, and repeat for each image. 


Ideally, I'd like to multi-select many images and be able to drag them to Drive or any other app as individual files that can be dropped. Today, even if I'm in the Evernote view of my images and multi-select, I can drag them to Drive, but I can't drop them.


This could be useful not just for Drive, but any other app you wish to place a series of images into such as Finder, MS Word, etc. 

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