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  1. Search is one of the most important features in Evernote. We add lots of stuff because we want to be able to find it someday when we need it. Some of us use Evernote so much that we have 10,000+ notes in our account and when search takes quite awhile to return results, I wonder how much of that lag could be reduced by giving Premium users an additional index or separating their index off to another server os the like, to help us find our data faster. If you have 10,00+ notes, do you find search to be lagging? I have certainly felt that way, though I have no concrete way to assess where the latency is coming from. It could be Evernote, it could be the application, the server, or the device we're using. Whatever the case, I'd like to hear thoughts from Evernote and the community in general regarding whether this is a viable or necessary solution. Thanks,Jeff
  2. There are times when I take multiple screenshots in a row and I need to move them to another place after I'm done. One example of this may be dragging multiple images into Google Drive because I have a group project repository in Drive. Today, I have to open each image in Skitch resize the window (if it's large) in order to see the "Drag Me" action area, drag it over to Drive, and repeat for each image. Ideally, I'd like to multi-select many images and be able to drag them to Drive or any other app as individual files that can be dropped. Today, even if I'm in the Evernote view of my images and multi-select, I can drag them to Drive, but I can't drop them. This could be useful not just for Drive, but any other app you wish to place a series of images into such as Finder, MS Word, etc.
  3. I'd like to be able to quickly switch between Skitch images without having to go back to the Evernote tile view. Here is how I ideally picture this looking. In the Skitch image window, I have a collapsable sidebar to the left of the tools palate. Opening that sidebar slides in a Card View that I can scroll up and down through all my Skitch images, quickly changing from one to another. Some users might want to have that sidebar open all the time while others can keep it hidden and only view when necessary.
  4. Thank you for the example Applescript. I may try that. I do use the app launcher called Alfred and they now support workflows with Applescript so I may try putting those together to do a single keystroke that would do the whole deal. For now, this thread is going in Evernote for reference when I try it out. Thanks for the help.
  5. Alright, I'll try that. Unfortunately, I use the web app almost never on account of poor performance with my 11,000+ notes in Evernote, but I like your last idea. Thanks), Jeff
  6. I use a task management app called Appigo Todo and I'd like to paste note links into the Description field on Todo, however, when I paste today, it comes in as hyperlinked text of the Note Title and when I hit Done, it's changed to plain text and is not a link. One workaround I've found is to Copy Note Link from Evernote, go to my browser and paste the Note Link into the address bar, copy that, and paste it into Todo. That then creates a hyperlink for the evernote:///.... which then takes me to the app like I want. It's not ideal, but it works. I was looking for a way to use the new Workflow actions inside Alfred to automate the Copy Note Link and transform it to the URL, but so far, I've not been successful at that. Does anyone know of a way to paste the URL of a Note Link instead of the Note Title? After my workaround, I can click the link on the task to go to it in Evernote desktop.
  7. Glad to. As new ambassadors are added, I'll put them in as well. A few today don't appear to have Twitter accounts, but as I discover them, I'll add them in as well.
  8. Wanting to learn from all the Evernote Ambassadors, I created a Twitter List with all those ambassadors who have Twitter accounts on it. You can subscribe to the list too and then view posts just from them in your preferred Twitter client. Check it out. https://twitter.com/CRMFYI/evernote-ambassadors
  9. One feature I hear most from people I try to convert to becoming Skitch users is that they don't find a scrolling capture to skitch. This is a feature found in some competitive products like Snagit and I have to agree that it would be a fantastically useful feature. Here is what I wish. Allow me to be on a web page in my chosen browser (Chrome preferred) and let me capture the entire length of the web page to Skitch as an image, even if that's enormously long. The Evernote Web Clipper allows you to choose how much of the page it clips using an arrow mechanism when looking at the Article clipping option. Likewise, you can clip an entire web page and most of the formatting is preserved. I understand that this is a difference of saving HTML pages instead of an image file, but it would be extremely useful nonetheless. Example from Snagit
  10. I'm a long-time user of Evernote and I've been on and off the GTD bandwagon more times than I'd like to admit. Here is what I've tried and wanted to do. I've tried almost all the GTD standards out there like Things, RTM, Toodledo, tracks.tra.in, Appigo Todo, MonkeyGTD, and even the beta of Zendone, which was built to be a GTD solution for Evernote. In most cases, I found the interfaces to be too disjointed from my own workflow. Actually, the one thing that seemed most intuitive to me was MonkeyGTD, which is a self-contained HTML file with the best organization and connection of realms, next actions, contexts, etc, but the fact that it did not work on every device was a complete showstopper for me. Since it's all self-contained, it could fe saved to Dropbox, but opening it mobile was challenging. What I liked best about it was the way I could do my weekly review. Essentially, what I've settled on is Appigo Todo on iPhone, iPad and Mac. I refer to content in Evernote with links, but really, that's not an integrated GTD system in Evernote. I like how Appigo Todo works, though I don't like the way they don't separate Next Action tasks on projects. The other thing that really kills the GTD usefulness of Appigo Todo is the lack of a weekly review process. There's not a good way to do it. This past week at ETC, I asked around about the future of Egretlist and though I was able to talk about my own needs for a todo app in Evernote, I got the feeling that delivery of an official Evernote app for todos is pretty far from becoming reality. I like the ideas behind tools like The Secret Weapon and Zendone, however, they both require jumping through quite a few hoops and change of a lot of my practical workflow right now. I am very interested to interact with others on this topic though and keep my fingers crossed for an eventual Evernote officia app.
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