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(Archived) Find last modified notes that had tags modified only

Mark Silberbauer

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Hi Everyone,


Sometimes I'm in a saved search view and when I change a note's tag the note pops off the list as soon as I change it. This is great - I can process a list of notes to make sure they're tagged. However, I frequently come across a situation where I change a tag on a note and realise that I changed the wrong tag. It pops off the list and I can't find the thing because it was created months ago and it disappears into a sea of notes. I first expected to find it by sorting on the most recently modified notes, thinking that changing a tag would "modify" it, but found that this is not the case: changing tags doesn't count as a modification. Then I tried the back arrow button on the interface but this doesn't find the changed note, it just takes me to the last saved search (which is correct). Then I tried the undo button but this doesn't seem to apply to tag changes either. I could search on title of course but sometimes I make a change to the wrong note or I make changes to 3 note in rapid succession by mistake (it happened today) and can't quite remember the titles.


So, doesn't anyone know how to find a note that's had its tag changed recently, but not its content?

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Can't be done in the Windows client, I believe. If you're going to do an operation like this, I'd suggest tagging your selection with a temporary tag, so you can locate these notes while you're in progress. You can delete that tag later on.

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