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  1. There's a new update available: 6.12.2. I downloaded it and it looks like the nightmare is over - the issue is fixed in this update. Now to clean up the mess that this has created. These are some of the many notebooks created by this bug that I need to clean up just from this weekend:
  2. This is a big issue. I'm spending a lot of time just trying to manage all the many conflicting versions appearing of the same note. I've lost bits of text as a result which I can't afford to do. This is unusable.
  3. +1: Tried to use Find and Replace today and found it was missing to my great surprise. I've often used it on Windows but I switched to Mac about a week ago and here we are......
  4. This is still broken for me. Drives me absolutely nuts. This is something very important to me - I need to be able to filter notes when offline because I'm often in areas without a connection. I have notebooks set to "offline sync", Offline Search enabled etc. but still have problems. To reproduce, I turn on the connection, perform a successful sync, and then turn it off and try an advanced search where I filter on a tag. Search results come up with all notes regardless of their tag. Or sometimes nothing comes up at all. This has been broken since day one. I'd rather EN just disabled it rather than advertise it as a premium feature, a feature which is actually broken and in the end leads to all this wasted time. Going to submit another ticket but I'm rapidly losing hope on this ever being fixed properly considering how long these issues have been floating around the forums. Edit: I've submitted a bug report and got assigned ticket #656116.
  5. This still breaks sometimes. Very frustrating because I sometimes think it's giving me the correct results and then I notice one or two notes that don't have the correct tags.
  6. I'm also desperate for this feature. It's something that I do very often on the desktop and need to do the same on the tablet when in transit. I've tried to get around it with shortcuts to saved searches but this means I have to pre-configure them on the desktop. Also, when I don't have a connection, half the time they don't work (even though I'm a premium user with notebooks set to offline sync, and offline search indexing enabled, etc. etc.) which is a whole other extremely frustrating story.
  7. If I create note A that contains a note link to note B, surely they're related? So note B should list note A in it's "Related notes" section. But this doesn't happen. I'm guessing there's a complicated algorithm to determine the probability of "relatedness" based on all sort of things but the existence of a note link should be considered 100% probability that the notes are related. Sometimes I need to look for all notes that link to a specific note and having the above functionality would be helpful. Side note: I think the "related notes" section is for premium users only.
  8. Hi BurgerNFries, From non-power user's perspective I don't think it's obvious or easy, stalling the sync, digging out the note etc. Hence my request for the feature. However, thanks for posting that workaround. I've made use of it myself before and I think it will be useful to know for those who've hit this problem.
  9. Here is a common scenario that leads to huge frustration: I search for a note by filtering by tags. I mistakenly delete the wrong tag on the note. I'd like to re-add the tag again to correct my mistake but the note is relatively old so it disappears into a sea of notes and is hard to find. I originally searched for the note using it's tag but now that I've deleted the tag I have to search on the note's content which is hard if you don't remember the content. In the worst cases, I deleted a tag on a note that I haven't even glimpsed (happens when the view is listing notes of which the list changes just before you click, again because of tag changes) so I have no idea what the content is... all I have is that sinking feeling that I've changed something... and here comes the frustration.... I'd like to propose that EN creates an undo operation that reverses changes made to tags, that reverses the notebook selection for a note's storage, that even reverses the deletion of a note (yes there is the trash folder but this will be more convenient than jumping back and forth). As a halfway measure: If EN stamped the "updated" field with the time that tags were added / removed (or that the note was moved) then at least I'd be able to find the note more easily and change it back. If fact, the trash folder works like this: delete a note and it's creation date is updated to the current time.
  10. Hi, thanks for the responses. @Burgers and Fries:I'm not looking for the "find in Evernote" hotkey... that one I already use and was referring to when I said: "I like to use the built-in search hotkey to switch to the evernote window quickly and type in a search term". I'm looking for a way to quicky filter all notes on a tag. Typing the tag into the search box is insufficient because there's too much noise in the results. I want strictly notes that have a specific tag. @jefito:Thanks, that's a good idea.
  11. Hi, Is there a shortcut key to view the unfiltered "all notes" list, i.e. the equivalent of clicking "Notes" in the left hand panel of the EN window (see attached screenshot)? The reason I'm looking for this: I want to be able to quickly switch to Evernote and do a search for all notes with a certain tag (basically filter on a tag). A function I use a lot is search. I like to use the built-in search hotkey to switch to the evernote window quickly and type in a search term. However, one can't do the same to do a a quick search for all notes with a certain tag; it seems impossible to do without using the mouse because you have to select "notes" with your mouse on the left hand panel of the EN window before pressing SHIFT + ALT + T to filter. Hence I'd like to know if there's a shortcut key for "notes" and then I can use AutoHotKey to assign the keystrokes for filtering all notes on a tag into a single key.
  12. Yeah, I did: ticket 94559. They've filed it as a bug that will hopefully one day get fixed.
  13. Unfortunately, no. Sometimes the widgets "refresh" themselves correctly and sometimes they don't; it's hit and miss. I've noticed that there are times when the widget shows the incorrect notes after I create a new note but then refreshes itself after about 30 seconds. It's way too buggy at the moment for me to trust..
  14. Hi Everyone, Sometimes I'm in a saved search view and when I change a note's tag the note pops off the list as soon as I change it. This is great - I can process a list of notes to make sure they're tagged. However, I frequently come across a situation where I change a tag on a note and realise that I changed the wrong tag. It pops off the list and I can't find the thing because it was created months ago and it disappears into a sea of notes. I first expected to find it by sorting on the most recently modified notes, thinking that changing a tag would "modify" it, but found that this is not the case: changing tags doesn't count as a modification. Then I tried the back arrow button on the interface but this doesn't find the changed note, it just takes me to the last saved search (which is correct). Then I tried the undo button but this doesn't seem to apply to tag changes either. I could search on title of course but sometimes I make a change to the wrong note or I make changes to 3 note in rapid succession by mistake (it happened today) and can't quite remember the titles. So, doesn't anyone know how to find a note that's had its tag changed recently, but not its content?
  15. I use saved searches to show notes from a specific notebook containing a specific tag. When I add an EN widget, and set it to show a saved search, it shows the correct notes initially, but starts showing incorrect notes after a while - notes that do not match the tag specified as part of the saved search. Both the old "grid" style widget and the new "list" widget suffer from this issue. I used to get around this by pressing the arrow buttons on the old grid style widget which would force a "refresh" and the widget would display the correct notes again. However, I learnt today that the old grid widget is going to be replaced by the new list widget which has no arrow buttons and thus can't be refreshed. This makes the widget pretty much unusable to me. This happens on both my LG Nexus 4 and my Galaxy Note 8.0.
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