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  1. There's a new update available: 6.12.2. I downloaded it and it looks like the nightmare is over - the issue is fixed in this update. Now to clean up the mess that this has created. These are some of the many notebooks created by this bug that I need to clean up just from this weekend:
  2. This is a big issue. I'm spending a lot of time just trying to manage all the many conflicting versions appearing of the same note. I've lost bits of text as a result which I can't afford to do. This is unusable.
  3. +1: Tried to use Find and Replace today and found it was missing to my great surprise. I've often used it on Windows but I switched to Mac about a week ago and here we are......
  4. I'm also desperate for this feature. It's something that I do very often on the desktop and need to do the same on the tablet when in transit. I've tried to get around it with shortcuts to saved searches but this means I have to pre-configure them on the desktop. Also, when I don't have a connection, half the time they don't work (even though I'm a premium user with notebooks set to offline sync, and offline search indexing enabled, etc. etc.) which is a whole other extremely frustrating story.
  5. I'd also really like this feature. I rely on priority tags so it's very important to me.
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