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(Archived) Truecrypt containers within Evernote


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  I recently started using Evernote and I find it very useful. I've since downloaded and installed it on all my computers (desktop, a couple of laptops, tablet and my Android phone) and love the sync and search features and have since subscribed to EN Premium. 


  I've been reading on how to protect personal information on EN and it appears that a lot of people either seem to advise password encryption of PDFs that are uploaded, or locally protecting your database with Truecrypt or some other encryption software. 


  a) What about the possibility of creating mini containers in Truecrypt, (say 10-20 MB) placing some collection of PDFs, Word documents etc. in some file structure and then putting it into a tagged note within EN ? Are there any known issues with this ?


  B) I was able to get this to work and sync across devices, but editing the container seems to be an issue. I right clicked the container on my note, opened it with Truecrypt, added some files to it and closed it. However I found that the attached container is still not updated after closing the container. When I right clicked it again and mounted it, the files I had added did not show up. However when I navigated to the attachment area and opened the file present there, the changes showed up. Am I missing something - how does Evernote actually handle these attached files ?




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They probably won't be lost, but they won't be attached to your note either. The attached file should wind up in your Evernote directory, in the Attachments folder, I believe.

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