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(Archived) Search by Month Created with No Particular Year

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I am wanting to search for notes created in certain months, but not certain years. For example, all notes created in July of any year.


Currently, the only way I can figure out how to do this is "Created:20090701 -created:20090731" view the results, change the year in the search, and repeat, but this is a lengthy process since I've edited the creation dates to go back over a decade.


I have memories archived and am basically trying to search to see what "anniversaries" are coming up in the month.

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Well, 2 work-arounds come to mind:

  • Tag each note as either Jan, Feb, Mar, ..... Dec
  • Put the month created in the body of the note.

Both approaches would require you to go back and touch each of your Notes. You will have to decide how important it is for you in the future to find Notes with certain months and whether it warrants the effort.


I hope you feel this response is helpful.

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