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(Archived) Latest Android App Excessive Battery Usage


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I installed an update for Evernote on my Android phone today and about a half hour later noticed that the phone - which was in my shirt breast pocket - was getting really hot. I took it out and it was super hot! Immediately looked at the Battery Usage screen in the settings and Evernote was the single largest battery user at 44%. I've never seen it using anywhere near that before. I had to use the Force Close command to end the service from running in the background. Since then I haven't used Evernote again on the phone and of course it isn't using any battery at all - service isn't running.


Has anyone else seen this?


Thank you,





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Thanks Chris.


Actually I did search for this topic but the forum search doesn’t seem to be working well. At least not that I could see. I just keep getting the search results window pop-up and it says "Loading..." but never does load any results. Even when it was working OK and found results if you click on one result and don’t find your answer you have to search all over again.


I guess it's obvious that I'm not very fond of the new forum! Oh well...


Thanks again!



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Hi Jim,


That's strange. I have just tried searching again and it works fine.


Was it just a glitch and is it OK now?


What are you searching on? Computer, phone etc.





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