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(Archived) 5 beta feedback


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While everyone's hoo-ha-ing over the UI, I'd like to provide some worthwhile feedback.


First off, I love the new look. There seems to be much better consolidation of items, allowing more real-estate on my screen--always a great thing, IMHO.


Second, I'd like to propose three items:

  1. Some sort of melding of "snippets" and "list" view.
    • "Snippets:"  I've always loved the ability to use my widescreen to it's full potential, having my list of notes on the left and selected note in full view on the right. However, it seems like the listing of notes in this view makes those with sub-text look confusing to me; it's a jumble of date created, tags, and text within the note.
    • "List:"  In this mode, I absolutely love the cleanliness of it: my titles, tags, and notebooks are clearly seen, making it easier to get a bigger picture of notes within that notebook. However, the editing window (if I want to actually see the note well) takes up a significant amount of space, limiting my "big picture" overview. If I want to edit notes on the fly like in "snippets" (while retaining my overview), I have to open that note individually or drag the editing window up to make it bigger.
    • Summary:  all in all, I guess I'd just like a clean list of notes similar to "list," but on the left like "snippets;" this would allow my editing window to remain on the right, allowing me to edit notes on the fly without having to waste time opening it up or dragging to make it bigger.
  2. The ability to add a stack of tags to shortcuts, similar to the way you can add a stack of notebooks.
  3. The ability to either drag joined-notebook tags into one stack, or a separate button/area for joined-notebook tags. They're messing up my tag feng-shui.
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1: I like and use snippets all the time. The V5 beta hasn't changed things in that respect. However, you need to know about the "vertical list view". Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+F5 one or two times, and you should get there.

2: Workaround: multi-select the tags that you want. This will filter your note list. Make a saved search from that. That should add it to your shortcuts.

3: Tags with respect to joined notebooks are pretty much broken at the moment. For one, tags with the same name in your own account and from the joined notebooks account cannot be distinguished anywhere but in the tag list, which I keep mostly closed. Also, if you search on one of these tags, you get both in the search, making it very unlikely that the search will succeed (because default search is AND, and you probably haven't tagged any notes with an identical tag from your account and the joined account). I'd say to let them sort that out, and then fine-tune with features like these.

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Well, holy cr@p (<--- that's seriously a "bad word"??), I wish I'd known about the vertical list view prior. That makes things so much better! Thanks!


As far as the tags & saved searches go, I was tracking that. Unfortunately, the Android version doesn't do saved searches very well (at least, not as well as I'd like), so I was just hoping for an easier solution; having the same functionality as notebooks stacks in shortcuts would make it easier for me. Thanks for the feedback, though!

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