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(Archived) Sharing / Copying OCR'd PDF Notes

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I have few questions of clarification about searchable (OCR'd) PDF documents in notes.


My wife and I both have non-premium Evernote accounts, and we have some shared notebooks.


If I convert my account to Premium, will it OCR all my notes which already have PDF documents in them?


If we then use that one for all our future paper-scanning, which EN will OCRs for us, then

1. if the note is in a notebook that's shared to her, can she search and find it via the OCR'd information?

2. if we copy the note to one of her notebooks, will the OCR'd information stay in it?




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Hi - welcome to the forum.  I'd suggest that you OCR your own material (most scanners will do that for you;  many online PDFs are already searchable). When your questions become moot.  Evernote's OCR material is in an extra file layer added to the original,  and while you can download it,  it's an either-or option;  the PDF or the text version. 


I don't know offhand whether it would survive being shared to another account.  You can embed a searchable PDF file in exactly the same way as you can any other file type,  so your wife could open and search it.  I do recall that 'search' in a shared notebook is not an exact science yet - I share notebooks,  but set them up to be structured from an index page with clickable links. 


While others with more experience may be able to comment more,  the only reliable way to find out if Evernote suits your use case is to do some acceptability testing - if Premium is not for you,  you can always downgrade again after a test period of a month or two..

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