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We have used Evernote primarily for to do lists, things to order, etc.


We use the check box feature so we can check items off as they are completed or ordered. Is there any way to have Evernote move the checked items to the bottom of the list or into a completed or ordered folder?

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Nope, if I understand your question correctly. Inside a note, Evernote won't sort or move list items around. As for individual notes, they are sorted in the note list according to the criteria that you set (created date, title, etc); checking or unchecking todo checkboxes inside a note won't affect that, except for the case where you are sorting by updated date (obviously), since you're modifying the note. If you're dealing with whole notes, you could filter your note list for undone todos (use the search term "todo:false"): you will only see notes with unfinished todo checkboxes. When you tick off the last unfinished checkbox, the note should drop off the list.

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I also use checkboxes to monitor the status of items I am watching, and when complete move the line to the bottom of the note - nice to hear of you doing the same - I could and should create a keyboard macro using AutoIt to do it; I have the Home-Delete-Shift DownArrow-CtrlX-CtrlEnd-Paste sequence in my DNA now.

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