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(Archived) Problem with quality of Page Camera on HTC One Android phone


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Running Evernote 5.1.3 on Android 4.1.2 on an HTC One phone.  


The quality of the Page Camera images is horrible.  Seriously overexposed and also very low resolution.  When modifying the settings, the maximum resolution choice displayed is 2.0 Megapixels.  She camera can do much more than that.


I have to revert to capture with the phone's camera app, then export or attach to Evernote.


Do not see anyone else discussing this problem in the forum.

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I agree, resolution is bad. I do the same thing - take a shot in ArcNote or CamScanner and after processing export notes to Evernote. It's a shame we have to use these bells and whistles while there is an instrument designed for it. 

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If you go into Evernote's settings,  do you have a note creation option? If you untick the 'multishot camera' box Evernote will use the default phone camera directly...

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