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(Archived) Basic Sharing Note Questions

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1.) How do you "Stop Sharing" a link when using a web browser and not a desktop program?
2.) Is there a way to quickly see which of your notes are being shared? Does an icon display for shared notes or a color change, etc.?

3.) Using a Premium account, where is the option to share a Note with others so they can edit my Note?

Thank you for any help.

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If you highlight a notebook name,  there's a drop-down menu button which includes the sharing/ not sharing options.  If you open a note,  the sharing information is just under the title.  There's no way to check from a pure listing of notes however which are shared.  You can search for shared notes with sharedate:* and if you want to administer them via the browser you might want to tag them 'shared' for convenience.


You can't share notes with permission to edit,  but you can share notebooks that way - just not from the web client yet.

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