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(Archived) Undo Notebook Title Change

Edan Maor




I'm a forum newb, I hope I'm posting in the right place.


It seems to me like you can't undo a Note Title change. E.g., if I go to a note called "Hello", then change it to "World", I can't undo that change.


Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that happens to me a lot. I often find myself missing this ability. So I'd like to know-

Am I missing something? Is this possible and I just don't know how?

If not, is there a good workaround?

Lastly, is there any way this feature could be implemented?



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Hi Edan,


If you're making a note title change in the same sitting (i.e., you do not move to another note or exit Evernote and reopen it later), you can most certainly hit CMD-Z and get what the previous title is, as demonstrated below:



1. Create a new note.

2. Enter note title as "Hello" and then hit CMD-Z.

3. The note title reverts back to "Untitled Note" in grey.

4. Type in new title "World."


This kind of behavior is also standard if you are creating note content, change it to something else, and are not able to undo that change (unless you know exactly what was there before). Unless you're in the same sitting or session, you will find the same or similar behavior in other apps like MS Word or Google Docs, in terms of not being able to undo changes after you exit and return later, etc.


If you upgrade to Evernote Premium, one of the features is note history: http://evernote.com/premium/ which will allow you to view past versions of your note.


Is there a reason why you are changing note titles a lot which you have to undo? Can you describe your workflow?

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I see what you mean.


Here's my "problem": While working on a note, I'll make several changes, and I might also want to make a change to the title. Since in the Mac app everything about the note seems like it's one big note, I consider it all part of the same flow. I will make some changes, then "Cmd+l" to edit the title, and quickly hit "tab" to get back to the Note itself.


Unfortunately, if I make any mistake, for example, hitting "cmd+l", not realising the whole title is selected, adding some text (which in effect deletes the previous text), then hitting "Tab", I'll be stuck with the change. What's worse (from a UI standpoint) is that, while it looks like the same note, it acts differently, because selecting the title, then going back to the Note, will let you undo changes in the Note itself.


As for the Note History itself, I haven't seen it around. Is it available on the Mac? (I am a premium user).




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You're right, hitting CMD-L does select the whole note title. In terms of the workflow you just described, the changing title and note content but undo changes in note content behavior can probably be made better. 


As an Evernote Premium user, you can find Note History on Mac by going to Note > Note History  :)

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Alright, I see the note history now. First of all, cool to see that it exists. Didn't know about it.

It does give me a solution to the "oops" problem I described above.


I agree with you though, I think it would make sense to simply allow "undo"ing the note title change, since the interface makes it look like all part of the same package. And it's useful, there's really no reason *not* to.

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