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(Archived) Evernote: Buried Alive - Any Book Recommendations for an Evernote Hoarder?

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I am looking for Evernote book recommendations as well as any suggestions/insight/thoughts and other resources that might be useful to an Evernote hoarder who's ready to make a change.
Just when had given up on becoming an organized and productive member of society, Evernote came into my life and renewed my hope. I'm so close . . . 
... and yet so far! Truth be told, I'm starting to flounder and I need an intervention before my bad habits take over and ruin what could have been a beautiful relationship. The notebooks are piling up. It's starting to feel like a special edition of Hoarders. My episode of Evernote: Buried Alive deals with several issues. I constantly create new notebooks because I've forgotten about the old and don't know how to consolidate. Should I stack? Is stacking a notebook akin to creating "sections" of the same notebook (like OneNote)? 


I'm hanging on by my tags right now since they allow me to find past treasures buried deep in my hoard; however, I'm afraid that as helpful as they are, the tags are enabling me to continue living in squalor because they create the illusion of having my act together just because the place isn't condemned. I dig tagging and try to tag everything, but I'm inconsistent about naming tags, which just adds to the pile. I also question my clipping techniques - what's best? URL? Article? Full Page? Selection?? 


These are just a few of the million questions I have. I'm excited by all the tools and features in Evernote and I want to learn more about what's in the trunk, Skitch, and all these other programs. I love how you can share notebooks with anyone (even if they don't have Evernote) and I am eager to start collaborating with my clients and editors, but that requires me to get my act together first. I feel like I need to establish a working system before I fully dive in. 
I know that there's a million helpful resources here and elsewhere online, but that's part of my problem. Information overload! I believe that I really need a book where everything is organized in one cohesive unit for easy reference. I'm thrilled that there's so many Evernote books available, but now I'm faced with another dilemma - which one(s)?? I have read some reviews on Amazon, but I'd really appreciate any recommendations/insight/resources that people out there would be willing to offer.
Despite my organizational challenges, I'm a pretty fast learner so I don't want to go too basic - I'd like to find a book or books that delve into the using Evernote with other applications.
Since I'm already imposing, I might as well go full tilt and give you my Evernote book/resource wish list. Hopefully others out there can also benefit from any feedback this post generates.
"An Evernote Book Wish List"
Seeking Your Suggestions/Recommendations/Thoughts on
  • Writers. Different ways that writers are using Evernote to stay organized, brainstorm, plan literary projects. 
    • Thesaurus feature for Evernote? (I posted this question in another forum so I know there's currently no app for this feature but I know things are always changing).
    • Other software for writers that's compatible with Evernote.
  • Research. Tips for keeping all those clips/great resources organized when you're always researching new topics?
  • Educators. Educational applications? 
  • Entrepreneurs/Freelancers. Managing clients, projects, tools
  • Android. I downloaded the app, but I prefer to work off my computer. I don't have a tablet.
  • Creativity - Mindmapping software that works with Evernote? 
  • Productivity/General Organization. Books for the organizationally challenged Evernote users. I need to find a system that works.


Thank you so much for your help!


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Hi. It sounds like you are pretty serious about this. I'd say the best book in English is Brett Kelly's Evernote Essentials. It's pricey ($30), but there is a money-back guarantee, and he is now an Evernote employee, so it would be tough to go wrong. Assuming it is as good as the first edition, this will answer a lot of your questions.



Here are some Evernote use cases. I think you will find some of them applicable.



There is also the Evernote blog that gets regularly updated with use cases.


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