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  1. Thank you, Cbits! It's funny you should mention the conduit /lucky leap / Incredimail malware because that is exactly what prompted me to double check before I downloaded this software. I have a paid subscription to AVG (I don't know about free AVG, but I learned the free lunch lesson with another type of free antivirus software before I made the switch) and didn't have a virus for three years ... until I downloaded something legitimate (I believe it was Java) and obtained the virtual herpes that is conduit. Needless to say, it was a total nightmare so now I am overly cautious about even seemingly innocuous downloads from trusted publishers. I went ahead and installed Sticky Notes, but I seem to be running into some of the same issues with synchronization that people mentioned above so I will have to go back and try to troubleshoot it based on your responses. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello, I learned about Mural.ly last week in an Evernote discussion forum on mind mapping software. I have been searching for a mind mapping program that works with Windows, integrates with Evernote, and would be useful for my purposes (planning various writing projects). Mohiomap is fantastic, but currently only maps the content available in Evernote notebooks. That magical trifecta has continually eluded me, but Mural.ly is easily the best program I've tried so far (thanks again to Ebusinesstutor for the suggestion!). I clip a great deal of content to Evernote, so I love being able to access all my notes and move them right onto the mural boards. AWESOME!! Since Evernote seems to be in the business of granting wishes and Mural.ly is asking for user feedback, I’d like to take this opportunity to float the idea of some kind of Mohiomap/ Mural.ly merger – MohioMural?? My Mural.ly experience has been extremely positive thus far, but I am struggling with one issue that doesn’t pertain to the Evernote integration . . . if anyone can point me in the direction of a more appropriate venue (perhaps a forum for Mural.ly similar to this one?) I’d certainly appreciate it! I’ve perused the site and couldn’t find a suitable spot for posing questions. I sent a help message through my account, but I’m not sure if it reached anyone. Thank you to Evernote and Mural.ly for their dedication to innovation!
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to make sure that that the third party site for the Sticky Notes download - http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/ - isn't malicious. AVG flagged it so I wanted to double check before moving forward. Based on this discussion, I'm guessing it's because of the lack of contact info, but you never know. Thank you!
  4. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for all the helpful information! I am looking forward to trying all of these ideas out. Please keep them coming! I wasn't able to subscribe to your blog for some reason, but I will certainly continue to look for more posts from you! Thanks again!
  5. Thank you, Garland! I think Mural.ly will be absolutely perfect for my needs!
  6. Mohiomap is exactly the kind of mindmapping software I have been looking for! It is wonderful for organizing my notebooks in Evernote, but I would love to be able to use it to brainstorm and plan out my writing projects. I use Windows and have tried several different types of mindmapping software, but I keep running into the same problem; either it's not compatible with Evernote or it doesn't work for my needs. There seems to be a lot of great products out there for Mac users, but not so many for Windows. In a similar vein, I was disappointed when I realized I couldn't apply the strategy described in John Castle's great post about using Evernote for writing because he was using a Mac. http://johncastlewriter.com/2013/08/21/evernote-a-writers-second-brain/ So I would definitely like to cast my vote for new Mohiomap features that would allow for regular mindmapping in Evernote! ConceptMind looks like the only other option available for Windows at the moment, but I'd rather hold out if possible because Mohiomap would be perfect with those upgrades. Thank you for the fantastic product!
  7. Hello! I am looking for Evernote book recommendations as well as any suggestions/insight/thoughts and other resources that might be useful to an Evernote hoarder who's ready to make a change.Just when had given up on becoming an organized and productive member of society, Evernote came into my life and renewed my hope. I'm so close . . . ... and yet so far! Truth be told, I'm starting to flounder and I need an intervention before my bad habits take over and ruin what could have been a beautiful relationship. The notebooks are piling up. It's starting to feel like a special edition of Hoarders. My episode of Evernote: Buried Alive deals with several issues. I constantly create new notebooks because I've forgotten about the old and don't know how to consolidate. Should I stack? Is stacking a notebook akin to creating "sections" of the same notebook (like OneNote)? I'm hanging on by my tags right now since they allow me to find past treasures buried deep in my hoard; however, I'm afraid that as helpful as they are, the tags are enabling me to continue living in squalor because they create the illusion of having my act together just because the place isn't condemned. I dig tagging and try to tag everything, but I'm inconsistent about naming tags, which just adds to the pile. I also question my clipping techniques - what's best? URL? Article? Full Page? Selection?? These are just a few of the million questions I have. I'm excited by all the tools and features in Evernote and I want to learn more about what's in the trunk, Skitch, and all these other programs. I love how you can share notebooks with anyone (even if they don't have Evernote) and I am eager to start collaborating with my clients and editors, but that requires me to get my act together first. I feel like I need to establish a working system before I fully dive in. I know that there's a million helpful resources here and elsewhere online, but that's part of my problem. Information overload! I believe that I really need a book where everything is organized in one cohesive unit for easy reference. I'm thrilled that there's so many Evernote books available, but now I'm faced with another dilemma - which one(s)?? I have read some reviews on Amazon, but I'd really appreciate any recommendations/insight/resources that people out there would be willing to offer. Despite my organizational challenges, I'm a pretty fast learner so I don't want to go too basic - I'd like to find a book or books that delve into the using Evernote with other applications. Since I'm already imposing, I might as well go full tilt and give you my Evernote book/resource wish list. Hopefully others out there can also benefit from any feedback this post generates. "An Evernote Book Wish List" Seeking Your Suggestions/Recommendations/Thoughts onTHE BEST EVERNOTE BOOKS/RESOURCES FOR: Writers. Different ways that writers are using Evernote to stay organized, brainstorm, plan literary projects. Thesaurus feature for Evernote? (I posted this question in another forum so I know there's currently no app for this feature but I know things are always changing).Other software for writers that's compatible with Evernote.Research. Tips for keeping all those clips/great resources organized when you're always researching new topics?Educators. Educational applications? Entrepreneurs/Freelancers. Managing clients, projects, toolsAndroid. I downloaded the app, but I prefer to work off my computer. I don't have a tablet.Creativity - Mindmapping software that works with Evernote? Productivity/General Organization. Books for the organizationally challenged Evernote users. I need to find a system that works. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. Thank you for clarifying! I guess I was lucky that I was able to retrieve it!
  9. I found it! It took a while to comb through my history and find the right page, but the draft popped up once I finally located it. I knew Evernote wouldn't let me down! But if there's an easier way to retrieve drafts for future reference, I'm all ears!
  10. Hello, I was wondering if Evernote saves a draft of topics created here in the discussion board/forum/support/community space. I started a new topic a few hours ago but my computer shut down before I had a chance to post it. I was hoping to retrieve it so I didn't have to rewrite the whole thing. I can see that Evernote is auto saving at the bottom of this text box, so I assume it must be somewhere . . .but where? Thank you for your help!
  11. Thanks! I will look into the scanner, but I'm pretty accident prone so I probably shouldn't operate anything that could be described as a guilotine. It would be amazing if Evernote would create an app or some kind of add on for the thesaurus . . . I would definitely be willing to pay for it and I'm sure other writers would as well. Is there a place where they take suggestions for things like that? Thanks again for all the insight!
  12. Hi Grumpy Monkey, I was wondering if you thought it would be possible to accomplish the same thing by purchasing an e-thesaurus and somehow uploading the contents to Evernote. I don't have a scanner, though I suppose I could go to Staples or someplace like that. I really would like to find a way to integrate the thesaurus if possible. Like you, the online stuff really isn't sufficient for my needs. Thanks again!
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