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  1. Thank you, Garland! I think Mural.ly will be absolutely perfect for my needs!
  2. Mohiomap is exactly the kind of mindmapping software I have been looking for! It is wonderful for organizing my notebooks in Evernote, but I would love to be able to use it to brainstorm and plan out my writing projects. I use Windows and have tried several different types of mindmapping software, but I keep running into the same problem; either it's not compatible with Evernote or it doesn't work for my needs. There seems to be a lot of great products out there for Mac users, but not so many for Windows. In a similar vein, I was disappointed when I realized I couldn't apply the strategy described in John Castle's great post about using Evernote for writing because he was using a Mac. http://johncastlewriter.com/2013/08/21/evernote-a-writers-second-brain/ So I would definitely like to cast my vote for new Mohiomap features that would allow for regular mindmapping in Evernote! ConceptMind looks like the only other option available for Windows at the moment, but I'd rather hold out if possible because Mohiomap would be perfect with those upgrades. Thank you for the fantastic product!
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