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Stay Logged In - feature not working




for a couple of weeks now Evernote app asks for the Evernote password whenever the application starts up independent of whether I tick the 'stay logged in' tick box or not.

I am using

Evernote Version 5.1.4 (401297) on Mac OSX 10.7.5 without any other Evernote applications

I checked my kechain an no entry has been created (which may be ok as Evernote apparently uses tokens, but these don't seem to work either, apparenlty).

Can anyone recommend a fix?

Thanks m

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Same problem after removing the beta version and re-installing the app store version.


Re-installation did not help in my case. Also deleting all directories and files related to evernote did not help.


I sent a support ticket and until then I will have to use the Web client. frustrating!


Why is this happening so often? When the iOS 7 version came out I had serious problems now its happening with the Mac version. I never had similar problems with any other application especially not on Mac. I love Evernote but when it continues to steel my time I have to consider an alternative.

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