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(Archived) Reminders Dissapointment

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After all the hoopla & fan-fare around introducing Reminders - what a disappointment!


I had just assumed I would be able to create multiple individual 'To Dos' from within a note, and then there would be a place where all my reminders were listed & tracked. 


But having to have the whole note be a single reminder, is next to useless. I'm not going to create a whole new new just to add a to do. I might as well use the existing products I have for that (of which there are plenty).


I really liked the idea of happily writing away in Evernote, taking workshop notes (or whatever I happen to be doing) and being able to flag/highlight a bit of text a simply turn this into a reminder. How cool would that be?! (er, very). And this is what I assumed this feature would be. Otherwise I can hardly see the point of it.



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Me, too. I don't use notes for tasks - Evernote notes are too rich, so they are project at at least sub-projects for me. To use these whole-note reminders I'd have to change my GTD system to remind myself if projects, not next actions, and that doesn't seem like a lot of sense.

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The reminder addition IMO looks like a poorly thought out "let's do something different" feature that seemed to include little research or concern for how many people actually want or need to use reminders. And having reminders have nothing to do with to-do's makes 0 sense IMO.  It's also silly to assume that people need or want to see reminders "at the top of their notebooks".  The ENTIRE reason for putting a distant date on a reminder is often that you DON'T WANT TO SEE IT or focus on it until that date comes around!  Task management 101.

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