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  1. I thought the new table formatting with the last upgrade was an overall improvement. When I upgraded, all my existing tables in notes offered me to "upgrade table." Though the formatting was different, for my purposes it wasn't bad and it worked fine for me. Yet there is a problem. Most of the tables I use I copy into Evernote from Google Sheets. Now when I copy them in, those tables Evernote does not offer to "upgrade." Worse, they are static and have none of the functionality they had before the upgrade (e.g., I used to be able to drag-and-drop resize them and now I can't). Apparently the new table functionality is only available for tables created in Evernote, and is not available for tables copied into Evernote. That's unfortunate. I wish it were otherwise.
  2. So, it's not a bug, it's a feature! Emerick says it is "meant to pop-up once each time you navigate to a note." That doesn't work for me. I do casework, no cases are related, but Evernote isn't smart enough to realize that. All my cases look "related" to Evernote's algorithm. Every time I click on a case-related note, it "reminds" me of any one of dozens of other unrelated cases. I can turn it off if I pay for Premium. So here's how I decide whether to upgrade: I don't pay for premium software when the freemium version doesn't work for me. Should I expect the paid version to work better than the free one? Is that your conversion funnel? You try to convert me to a premium customer by offering to make annoying things go away? Ads at least I would understand. Not this. Not gonna happen. I can turn it off if I edit my registry? Again, not gonna happen. Another check-mark in the "look for another solution" box ...
  3. dconnet, I was seeing the behavior in the Windows app, so I don't see how to "log-out" of that. I've been closing it on and off since I first saw the behavior and it didn't make a difference. But on your suggestion, I did close it again, and I've not seen it again since. I'll let you know if it comes back.
  4. The new "Context" keeps popping-up. It's always wrong, unhelfpul, distracting and annoying. I don't even understand why I have it; it's a premium feature and I haven't made the choice for premium because of things like this. I want to turn it off. And no, I'm not going to edit my registry to do that. For twenty years I haven't edited my registry or changed the oil in my car myself. It's a bug and I expect it to be fixed.
  5. Pensieveone, that was beautiful. Just beautiful.
  6. Me, too. I don't use notes for tasks - Evernote notes are too rich, so they are project at at least sub-projects for me. To use these whole-note reminders I'd have to change my GTD system to remind myself if projects, not next actions, and that doesn't seem like a lot of sense.
  7. My offer of buying someone a cup of coffee to get this going still stands. If the developer Evernote hired to build the Android App will identify him or herself, I'll send a Starbuck's card.
  8. I can't be the only one that would pay for a premium version if it works. Huge productivity benefits easily envisioned for me.
  9. *Bump* I'd offer to buy the guy a cuppa coffee if it'd help.
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