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(Archived) company disclaimer

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When I send a link to my evernote email from my company email address, my company disclaimer prevents the note from showing up as a webpage in the notebook. Can anyone think of a workaround?


Evernote is blocked at work to prevent me from sending proprietary information to my evernote account. However, I would still like to be able to organize non-proprietary info such as relevant web articles using evernote. I can email articles to my account but the disclaimer is preventing it from working. Also if anyone else has issues using Evernote at work and has figured out a workaround let me know.


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Please file a support request, and when you get the auto response include a forwarded copy of an example email that you are sending to Evernote that is not being processed correctly.


We will then file a bug with our development team so they can work on processing it properly.

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