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(Archived) HELP: sharing note links via email with collaborator

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general scenario

I manage and maintain a family Evernote database which my wife and I use to manage our home. I do all the scanning, tagging, maintenance etc.

I have a premium account, my wife a free one. All the relevant notebooks were created by me and shared with my wife.



From time to time I email my wife with items she needs to act on. Eg "Here's a letter from the bank. Please call them."

I have been using "Share > Copy Note URL to lipboard" within Evernote and then using the URL obtained to make the word "letter" within my email a link to the note containing the scan of the letter. This works, but I've just realised that I'm making a public link each time I do this. I realise that my wife would have to actively share the link or her email account be compromised to allow another party access, but nonetheless the fact that the link is public and is not protected from parties that I have not actively shared the entire notebook with, as I had assumed, is a concern. (Like any family we deal with financial, medical and personal matters all of which can be sensitive and utterly inappropriate for public sharing at times.)


primary question

What method should I be using to share in the way I intended? ie - such that the recipient of my link can only access it where I have already shared the entire notebook with that person. My wife receives her emails in various locations and so uses Evernote on the web to access the documents I'm highlighting to her.


secondary question

How do I now efficiently ensure that I "Stop Sharing" any and all notes I've shared in this way? Having realised my error I know that I can use "Share > Stop Sharing" on individual notes to de-activate the public link. The problem is I don't remember which notes I have shared in this way and I can't just select all my notes and use "Share > Stop Sharing" since the option isn't available when multiple notes are selected.


Many thanks for reading this far! Any and all help greatly appreciated :)


Stuart / somebizzare

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#1.) In my opinion, you are doing it correctly. You can remove the access easily by following step #2. There are other more complicated methods and someone else might comment on.


If your wife accesses Evernote from a computer you do not trust, or is pulling down the info from a Wi-Fi hotspot at Starbucks, then you will have to resort to more drastic security measures, such as file encryption.


#2.) Search for

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Thanks for your response JB.


#2) Works perfectly in that it finds all the currently shared notes ... I still had to "Share > Stop Sharing" each one individually though :)

Certainly I now have peace of mind that there are no longer any live public links into our EN database.


#1) I'm not so happy that this is the "right" way of doing things ... At the very least it's clunky in that I have to share, wait a bit (however long that might be) in the hope that my wife reads it, and then unshare. It feels like I ought to be able to share something like an Evernote notelink - eg "evernote:///view/18853374/etc" ... but my understanding is those only work to link between notes within an instance of Evernote [if my terminology is wobbly there I apologise, but I hope you/everyone understands my meaning.]


Thanks again JB. I'll wait and see if anyone else can add to the discussion on #1.



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Maybe I'm missing something, but what's wrong with sharing a notebook specifically for that purpose with your wife and moving into that notebook any notes (or copies of notes) to which she needs access? You can allocate edit rights so she can put comments into a note or delete it herself when processed.  Not sure how far that would suit your specific use case,  but you could easily try it out alongside your current system and drop one or the other pretty quickly if you find the best option...

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@gazumped I see your intention, but the reason it doesn't work in my scenario is that my wife doesn't have an Evernote client running continually and so this would necessitate her actively running Evernote to check. Whilst, for you or I, that might not be a significant overhead I don't want her to have to change her workflow. Hence I want to be able to notify her via email, which she does have active (almost) continually, just to call her attention to things. Personally I don't want the overhead of running an additional notebook for her either.


It would seem reasonable, to me, that I should be able to send a link to a note to someone which still requires an Evernote login to ensure the note is being shared with an authorised user. As I've said all the notes I'd like to share links with my wife to are in notebooks that she already has access to ...

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