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(Archived) Static web sites with simple structures - not in Evernote!

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I have a lot of stuff in Evernote. But for a simple STATIC website like




I still use a bookmark and a browser, even though I have saved parts of the web site in Evernote. This web site has a simple structure i.e. a few webpages pages and some links both within and across the few pages. A browers renders the pages better and the links all work. Is there a way to download such a web site from the web and have all the links work within evernote rather than the links taking me to a web browser????


PS this website probably has not changed much in years, as the game is tens years old.

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There are two possible ways I can think of -

  1. Clip pages to notes and as far as possible recreate the links as note links not net links.  Lots of work and it's easier to keep the UR: in Evernote and just view the pages online.
  2. Download everything to Pagemaker (and presumably some clones) to save the site in a PDF file.  Any active content may or may not run satisfactorily.  Still easier to note the URL and go online to use the site..
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Yes thanks gazumped, your confirming my thoughts. Also been trying to download the entire web site and save them on my hard disk. "Blue Crab" on the mac does this. But the rendering is still not satisfactory thought I can then search with "Alfred" to find information in the downloaded web site. But  your "Still easier to note the URL and go online to use the site.." still applies




Also I find it easier to use as a search engine than Evernote for searching such "common" content. Google corrects lots of my spelling mistakes for one thing.

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I can download the entire web site and view it offline with firefox and  Adblocker to get rid of the peskey Google Ads. But the download takes a lot time and frankly its marginal wether it is worth it. My conclusion


Evernote has its place

Bookmarks have their place

google.com has is place as do live web sites


its a complicated world.

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