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  1. Tags and searches are not a negative they are positive. But so is a directory structure a positive and searches are available in directory structures also.
  2. I like EN tagging and I like evernote searching abilities both are very good. But I also like a nested directories for storing files. For example consider a simple company might require something like "Company directory" "Annual Account" "Legal documents" "receipts" "2014" "2015" "2016" "time sheets" "2014" "2015" "2016" I can achieve the above structure by creating 8 tags and one notebook in EN. Or I can have a nested directory structure as above in say Dropbox with one top level directories, four directories below that and then two of those sub directories having three additional sub directories for each years. I would save the individual files in pdf in Dropbox. So now both EN and Dropbox "work" but .... I have over two thousand notes and my notebook are becoming so full that the only way I can find my stuff is through tags and searches. So basically I can no longer navigate as I would with windows explorer or MAC finder. Saving them in PDF is easier for sending to other people and copying to USD drives etc. I can copy all my 2014 receipts in a few seconds and given to the accountant. Why bother with EN? all these particular documents require is to be put a directory structure and left there. I know exactly where they need to be put when I create them and I know exactly where they are when I need to look at them again. What is I ask myself is the advantage of the EN system? Answer in this simple case for important company documents NONE and it just clutters EN with more notes and I have put my valuable data in a proprietary format . For many files EN is NOT the right place . The notion that EN is my digital brain and all I have to do is put everything in there is failing for me. EN needs to be better that the standard file system and for many documents it is NOT. For some stuff yes it is.
  3. SOO SOO TRUE I used to love Evernote. Now I'm fed up with it , I bought into the idea that EN would be my digital brain put everything in there I thought (silly me) o to many sync issues o if I email someone a note they typically will not be able to read that note o to many new features that I don't need or want or want to see on my screen, chat for example o tag don't replace a nested directory structure, I need BOTH, if EN wants to be my digital brain o I like the mac app I don't like the iOS app o EN is not a good repository for important documents, receipts , etc. They belong on the file system in say DropBox or iCloud EN is great as a Web clipper and a research tool. But if the information is important then put it in a convention file system not EN. There is a software engineering principal "do one thing and do it well". EN has not obeyed that principal and is going pay the price with this user.
  4. Evernote is my digital filing cabinet and Drafts is my go to app for all text entry on my iPhone. Drafts uses url schemes to access other apps like Evernote, mail, safarai, etc. I can create a EN note from Drafts , but I also would like to do a search from Drafts. Drafts using "url scheme" to link to other apps in iOS. Here is a apple and wiki link about url scheme https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/featuredarticles/iPhoneURLScheme_Reference/Introduction/Introduction.html https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=URI_scheme Does Evernote support a "url scheme" based search function in iOS ??? If so what is a sample search url?? Thanks for reading.
  5. I have tried a few of the apps Gneo, trackmytasks, nimbulist, cleverlist, smarttm. Im looking for something that will 1) sync easily and automatically 2) look as good as say Fantastical, an iOS calendar and reminders app 3) won't mess up the formatting of my notes 4) integrate with my icloud calendar 5) are simple to setup and use So far they all fail in one or more of my five categories. The other disadvantages of this approach is that evernote does not offer recurring reminders and apple reminders are very well integrated into IOS and mac. But still it would be so great to have all my reminders in one place and that place should be evernote Is there a simple way to push reminders from evernote to apple reminders? Maybe also then the ability to tick the reminders as completed in Apple reminders and have the complete status go back to evernote?
  6. BUMP yes please. Very well put This PRISM thing is at the very least a PR disaster for US tech. Its really making me think about what onlime services to use and from what countries.
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