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  1. I have tried a few of the apps Gneo, trackmytasks, nimbulist, cleverlist, smarttm. Im looking for something that will 1) sync easily and automatically 2) look as good as say Fantastical, an iOS calendar and reminders app 3) won't mess up the formatting of my notes 4) integrate with my icloud calendar 5) are simple to setup and use So far they all fail in one or more of my five categories. The other disadvantages of this approach is that evernote does not offer recurring reminders and apple reminders are very well integrated into IOS and mac. But still it would be so great to have all my reminders in one place and that place should be evernote Is there a simple way to push reminders from evernote to apple reminders? Maybe also then the ability to tick the reminders as completed in Apple reminders and have the complete status go back to evernote?
  2. BUMP yes please. Very well put This PRISM thing is at the very least a PR disaster for US tech. Its really making me think about what onlime services to use and from what countries.
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