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I started Evernote 2 days ago on a Vista Laptop, with no other devices. When I try to clip, I get a message either to Sync, or to log in, which make no sense since I am logged in on my one Evernote device. Also, when I try to report the problem via the Support link, the problem submission never takes effect. Help.

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Hi and welcome to the forums.  I run Evernote on Vista too.  Exactly what does the message say?  Presumably you're online when you see a web page and use a browser add-in to clip a selection or the whole page.  If you're using Clearly,  that's a separate app from Evernote,  and it's asking for your Evernote login details so it can send the clip to your notes.


-You're presumably aware that Evernote will keep the 'original' version of all your notes on their server as a backup for the copy that's kept on your laptop?  You'll need to sync reasonably regularly to make sure you can see all your current notes.

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The message I get is: "A sync is required before any clipping can be done. Please use the Evernote application to sync then try clipping again." 

I do not know how to do that?

Also, my husband does not have to sync when he clips to his Evernote using Mozilla or Chrome running on Vista.

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