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Evernote vs finder - strategy question





I'm about 2 months into Evernote and embracing it like a boss. I'm now getting the the stage that I'm not sure where to store files and documents on my computer - Evernote or Finder.


I sometimes wondering whether I can do without Finder altogether?


Can anyone help me to think this through? I want to make sure I have a coherent strategy for where I'm putting stuff before it go too far down one route and wished I done it another way.


That's all a bit rambly but hopefully you can understand the issue and what I'm asking. Cheers!

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Well, I don't think you would find that Evernote would work very well as a complete replacement for the finder.

Keep in mind that Evernote is not really a file manager per se, it's really more of an information manager that can also store files. The key thing is every time you edit a file in Evernote no matter how small the change, it's going to re-upload the entire file so this could really cut into your monthly upload allowance.

What I would recommend is that you use a combination of Evernote and Dropbox.

Use dropbox for those files change frequently.

And use Evernote for files you want mainly as a reference perhaps mostly for a reading/searching.

The great thing about dropbox is that it works seamlessly with your Finder.

For more details and other views, do a Google search on "Evernote dropbox".

Good luck and HTH.

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Thanks that is helpful.


I suppose it comes down to distinction between files and information. A spreadsheet is more obviously a file but when does a document cease being a file and become information that would be better in Evernote.


That's what I haven't got quite clear.


I'm not keen to get rid of Finder as I've got many years of files and folders there but longer term I do want to sift through Finder and move what outght to be moved into Evernote. The question is what criteria do I use for deciding where it belongs.


JMichael, you suggested  "Evernote for files you want mainly as a reference perhaps mostly for a reading/searching." Just as simple as that??



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A spreadsheet that you refer to might better live in EN; a spreadsheet that you manipulate on a regular basis might better live on your drive or Dropbox.  


As a writer, none of my Word or Pages documents have a place on EN - makes no sense.

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I think it's all a matter of personal preference. When you store files in Evernote, you get to annotate them and search within them. When you store files in Dropbox, you get file storage that works with Finder. I use both.

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I think this is a huge hole in IT and one that EN should be all over. Storing things in 2 places is the worst possible solution. Every information or organizational consultant will tell you to stick to a single system. Our biz is very document heavy and we are looking for a new option other than Finder and a cloud server. I love EN flexibility and would love to convert it as a corporate platform for all of our document management including saving spreadsheet, word docs, email archives, etc. We would pay a respectable sum for this. EN, this seems like a no brainer.

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