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windows Formatting Tables

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So I can insert a table of x by y cells. I can insert more above/below or left/right.


How do I control the column width? How to I control row height?


Is there a way to format the table grid lines?


When you search the knowledge data base only one of the results has to do with formatting.



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Hi All,


I have been trying to find a solution with Evernote and table cells. 

The following the solutions I have found.


  • Existing note as a template.
    Copy from an existing note which has already applied the cell width percentages.
    Here is a shared Note Template with even column spacing.
    Just cut and paste the table size you want into your note.
    Saves you messing around with chrome developer tools.
  • Bookmarklet and edit Source
    Use a bookmarklet to edit the source code of the note and apply the percentages yourself.
  • Chrome Extension Alternote
    This lets you edit notes with a tinyMCE wysiwyg editor. 
    You are able to customise table properties.
    You can edit the table to be 100% width and then set table cells to be 30% width etc.


I hope this has helped some people with applying custom formatting to their notes.

It would be nice if Evernote released more features in note editing with TinyMCE and their web browser version since they already are using it http://evernote.com/opensource/.

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Thanks so much for this AdrianHalid

Yes, it would certainly be nice if Evernote released more features, but the Chrome extension is really helping me out!

Thanks again

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