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  1. Why is EN showing this way? I didn't ask for a screen do-over. I just want the panel to look like the other two. How do I do this or more like how do I undo this?
  2. I did not double click the encrypt so I opened it in the right side EN window as I usually do. The idea of attaching a file to EN that itself is protected - by a 3rd party app - is likely the best way to go as gazumpped suggested.
  3. Since there is a limited number of Notes that I have encrypted and usually only open them at home, I almost always select the remember the passphrase until I quit. That would not appear to fix my issue...
  4. Hit similar issue with other aspects. I use encrypted notes on a very limited basis. When I bought a very high resolution laptop 2 years ago, I ran into issues with how EN displayed - as in very, very tiny. I fixed that issue but in my encrypted notes, the font sizes were all messed up - some items larger, in some cases letters in the same text string jumped 2-3 points in size... Since I have always felt that formatting in EN sucks and have said so only to get some EN apologist to say that they are working on "other things". I am working on moving to MS OneNote... Enough sidebar. My immediate issue was an attempt to fix the above font sizes by selecting text and using the font size drop down to change the font. My to my surprise it simply tossed me out of the note as you have described. First thought was that I was inaccurate in selecting the font size so I tried it several times to no avail. Then, to my horror, I saw that the selected text for re-sizing had vanished!!! Great. I mucked around a bit - then removed the note encryption entirely - and then found that in my attempt to fix the note that EN had "duplicated" the entire note text within the note all with strike out - three times that I can see. I know this happened as when I was trying to resize fonts, I had directly typed in some new text (which was duplicated and struck out as well. I cannot share this note as it has sensitive info in it. This is unacceptable behavior in a widely used product. I will be amazed to get a helpful response. BTW: my EN versions are current.
  5. So I can insert a table of x by y cells. I can insert more above/below or left/right. How do I control the column width? How to I control row height? Is there a way to format the table grid lines? When you search the knowledge data base only one of the results has to do with formatting. TNX
  6. I posted on this topic maybe 2 years ago. EN gets advertised for all sorts of purposes. The Note pane of any note proper should behave properly. I have had the same issues with the bullets (cut/copy and paste) with bizarre results. Tabs do NOT align - I tried with mono-spaced fonts - no dice. I pointed the EN support people to TreePad+ (something they can try for free) to get an idea of how their formatting might behave better. I believe that was taken as an insult. Here we are two years latter and trying to do anything in the Note window that behaves reasonably is only a dream. (BTW: it is horribly unfortunate that Treepad will die in the Windows world - I have used it for years; it now being condemned to "a note outliner" status) Saying we can do a nicely formatted document (WP, PDF etc) and attach it is an EXCUSE. Goal of Evernote or not, the Note window should behave with reasonable formatting options.
  7. Can someone give me a link to EN 4.5.1? Every one I find redirects me to 4.6...
  8. Has anyone heard anything from EN on this issue? 3 weeks ago went through 2+ hours of chat - dropped back to FF 16, uninstalled and reinstalled Clipper - nothing helps. (FF 17/16; EN 4.6; WinXp SP3) After that time I saw this forum and figured EN would serve up a fix - so here it is 1/5/13 and the problem persists. Is there any fix or reasonable workaround?
  9. The ideas discussed in this thread are great ones. EN could also improve the tagging process simply by allowing the Tag assignment dialog box to be re-sized or at least be made larger. Scrolling through the tags is a pain. I am new here, though I have had an account for 2 years. Does EN monitor these posts so that suggestions, such as those being discussed here get picked up by them? Thanks!
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