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  1. I did not double click the encrypt so I opened it in the right side EN window as I usually do. The idea of attaching a file to EN that itself is protected - by a 3rd party app - is likely the best way to go as gazumpped suggested.
  2. Since there is a limited number of Notes that I have encrypted and usually only open them at home, I almost always select the remember the passphrase until I quit. That would not appear to fix my issue...
  3. Hit similar issue with other aspects. I use encrypted notes on a very limited basis. When I bought a very high resolution laptop 2 years ago, I ran into issues with how EN displayed - as in very, very tiny. I fixed that issue but in my encrypted notes, the font sizes were all messed up - some items larger, in some cases letters in the same text string jumped 2-3 points in size... Since I have always felt that formatting in EN sucks and have said so only to get some EN apologist to say that they are working on "other things". I am working on moving to MS OneNote... Enough sidebar.
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