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(Archived) 45 seconds after clicking on note in ios to add info to a note?


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Opening Evernote on my 3rd gen iPad and clicking on a note that I have favorited takes about 25 seconds, from there, I tap the screen to add info to this existing note but it takes about 10-20 more seconds (screen moves up and down/zooms) until I can get into the editing screen to add some words. Is this normal for an ipad?


Currently I have about 4100 notes and most are less than a page of text with no formatting. I hardly have any pics and no files saved to Evernote. I do get a synchronization error on a file that I have sent to the trash on the ipad, could this be the cause? Thanks



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Evernote on IOS really became very slow. But if you think there's something specific making it slow for you, you'd better open a case with the Support. They usually are very clever to resolve these things. They will ask you so send them Evernote's log.

Worse than in the ipad is in the iphone.

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