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  1. I'll check Drafts. Have you tried to create notes in IOS email and sent to you evernote email address? That helped me for a while when Evernote was totally unusable. Using email had tha advantage of also allowing me to embed pictures within the text.
  2. Thanks for the hint. I also really don't need that to be configured to "Yes". I'll be observing if it gets better. What i noticed is that, with the last "bug fixes" deployed by Evernote, performance seems to be getting better on the iphone. I'm now, slowly, coming back to type notes on it. I also tried other apps to input data but didn't find no one to allow me to type text and embed pictures in the text. The best option i found was to create notes using IOS email by sending it to my evernote email address. That helped a lot. Typing text on the iphone in landscape direction, i still cannot see the word spelling that is shown behind the lower bar. That's annoying too. Appreciate your sharing. Orks
  3. My database is over 2GB with almost 7,000 notes. What i just did was to open a ticket with Evernote, will send activity log so they analise to see if there's anything wrong. My Evernote loads normally, no unacceptable slowness. Problem is searching and writing notes. As your database is not that huge, you could try to uninstall everything and re-install. I did that a couple of time in the past but, in my case, it take long hours to synchronize all my offline notes again. If you're premium user, I suggest you also open a ticket with them. Good luck.
  4. Well, i'm assuming that, with a faster processor, everything is faster in the new ipad and iphone.
  5. And now there's this routine, everytime i need to type a note in the iphone, first, i need to close all the other apps to ensure Evernote will have resources. That's not being enough though. More, every day, I find myself watching the warning for apps update just to check if Evernote will, finally, do something. Any info if the same slowness is occurring in the iphone 5S?
  6. Thanks cwb. Yes, I keep seeing here people getting rid of things in Evernote to make it worth again, to make it speed up again, to make it usable again. Things like removing offline data, using less pictures, attaching less files, creating shorter notes but, at the end, i don't see how useful can be an application if it is to have this number of requirements for it, at least, to work reasonably. My option for Evernote was because it's portable and also because i can have access to my data while offline. If the only option for it to be useful for me is to not use all of its resources, then I'll have to start think on something else. Anyway, thanks for being kind and point me this thread about removing offline content. I'll keep waiting for Evernote to resolve these issues. Thanks much. Orks.
  7. Do you have a lot of offline content? Yes, I think 80% of all my close to 8,000 notes are needed to be accessed offline. This is basically one of the main functions of my smartphone: allow me access to my content wherever I am in this large country with this very poor 3G connection.
  8. Evernote on IOS really became very slow. But if you think there's something specific making it slow for you, you'd better open a case with the Support. They usually are very clever to resolve these things. They will ask you so send them Evernote's log. Worse than in the ipad is in the iphone.
  9. The most irritating slugghish problem i see in the Iphone 4S is then typing, the words do not appear immediately. Then, when the phrase completes, you see that some letters are missing. Other than this, just the search timing the takes several seconds to complete. I think Evernote loses a lot of its value if all the generated content in the database cannot be readily accessed on mobiles like the iphone where it's the platform where many people will consult data while on the road. I really hope our folks at Evernote will give the right priority to resolving this thing.
  10. I have close to 8,000 notes, Windows is OK for me. Android is quite fine. Iphone is unusable. The last thing I would like to consider is to start preparing a way out of Evernote just because of this but, if that is the case, lucky me i'll be able to work with all these export formats. Meanwhile, I still wait for Evernote to surprise us and bring back what we had in the Iphone.
  11. Same here, I see slowness only in IOS. Windows is OK. Android is "quite" OK. On the iphone, Evernote is quickly becoming completely unusable for me and, bad luck, it used to be the platform where I was mostly creating content, specially while offline during weekends. Now I'm desperately looking for alternate ways to post notes to Evernote. It seems the most promising alternative is being via email. Using gmail, i create a note offline and send email with the note to my Evernote Address. It can work, but this is not what I would like to move to. Every day, i keep an eye on the apps updates just longing for a new update from Evernote to have this slowness resolved. And I hope it comes soon.
  12. Hi There, seeing this thread from long time ago but, by chance, did anybody tried to get such script for Windows? Thanks. Orks.
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